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Whatever you are looking for, The Saffron Souk is the place to find that something special, whether handmade, personalized or just unique. If you are in the market for a first birthday outfit or an amazing piece for art, you will find curated collections of everything at The Saffron Souk, purveyors of treasures from local makers and merchants.

Take advantage of all of the creative goodness the Middle East has to offer whilst supporting small businesses in the process.

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Shopping small makes people like these do a happy dance

Atelier Kimalda

Kimalda is the ‘’voyage’’ of three French girls who met in Dubai few years ago. Tired of what Fashion is nowadays, we decided to unite our talents and start this wonderful journey. With Kim and her unique illustration style, Alizee and her explosive sense of dressing, Daphné and her unrivalled savoir-faire, we wanted to give birth to a brand overarching an inclusive space wit View more

I sell handmade concrete planters and candle holders Christmas decoration

These just in!