What your customers want

Fact. It's harder to win a new customer than to keep a customer returning to your shop.

Obviously, you have a great brand that has won them over once, but there are a few simple things that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Not only will you keep them returning, you'll have them writing great reviews of your products and their shopping experience which in turn wins you new customers.


Customized products are among the most popular at saffronsouk.com and it's no surprise - customers love a customized product.

Most customers are happy to pay extra for a product that is made specifically for them and is truly unique. It might not be possible for your product type, but if your collection features products that can be personalized in some way, consider offering it as an add-on to your customers.

A1 service

Are you surprised to learn that customers value good service over fast service? Customers shop at saffronsouk.com because it's a specialist and boutique marketplace so ensure you offer customer service that fits the bill. Give your customers the personalized service they're looking for.

Goodwill feels good, so go that extra mile - give them a pleasant surprise - upgrade shipping for a good customer, give them a discount code to use on their next purchase, include a note of thanks for shopping with you again.
Random acts of kindness make your brand memorable and give your customers a positive memory to associate with your brand.
Stand out from the crowd habibi.

Shopping for a Story

Ensure every detail of your shop front, including graphics, product photos and product descriptions all portray your brand's unique story and set it apart from your competition.

Story telling gives your brand depth, makes shopping from you a more meaningful experience and is a great influence getting customers across the line and then leaving a lasting message to customers - one they're likely to remember next time they're shopping for something a little different.

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