Third Cultchr

One of the special things about Saffron Souk is that it brings together a wonderful and eclectic collection of small, local independent brands. Third Cultchr is a brand that epitomizes all what Saffron Souk stands for. Like so many Dubaians, Ranya is a self-confessed third culture kid and this background defines her business.

 At Third Cultchr you will discover a thoughtfully curated collection of uniquely handmade and culturally inspired home, fashion and lifestyle pieces from around the world. Third Cultchr's beautiful products are handmade by artisans from the region and beyond ensuring that each piece is unique and authentic.


The Third Cultchr brand is about combining pieces and styles from countries and places that are dear to my heart. I myself am a third culture kid of third culture parents before me now raising a third culture family of my own!

One thing people I meet almost never get right about me, is where I’m from! All the pieces in my collection are a true reflection of that. What I’m hoping to capture with every piece I offer is that nostalgic feel of cultures with a modern but timeless twist. I love when customers see a piece and it immediately evokes curiosity. They are interested to learn where it's from, who made it and how. For others, it reminds them of home. That's why I love handmade items with a creative, modern spink that invoke human vibes, to offset that factory-produced uniformity that dominates our lives.

I believe that when something is handmade, it becomes special in how it tells a story; this is something that mass-produced items simply can’t. More than ever, many of us now have the desire to connect with what we wear or own in a more meaningful manner. I hope that Third Cultchr is able to offer a little bit of meaning in every piece.



Although my major in Business school was financial management, I started my career in advertising, took a liking to it and then moved to various marketing roles. My work experience has served me well when it was time to start my own little business venture. I believe customer service and good design are keys to the success of any business and I try to apply both in everything I do at Third Cultchr.

Untold stories about cultures near and far are what inspire me when curating or designing any of my collections. Dear Ranya, thank you so much for the beautiful delivery that arrived with the yoga pants and kimono. They are just perfect. You have a wonderful brand.



At Third Cultchr, I sell unique fashion finds that blend the traditional with the contemporary. I’ve partnered with artisans and designers all over the world to bring clothes and accessories that are authentically produced. I also design my own line of jewellery and accessories that are produced locally and possess a true homegrown feel.

I love Arabic typography and try to incorporate it as much as I can in my designs to create timeless, high quality pieces at affordable prices. Any of my jewelry pieces can be customized. Arabic names or special messages on necklaces and bracelets are quite popular especially as gifts to friends, teachers etc. Also, my hand stitched easy to wear kimonos and harem pants are always big hits especially as they are perfect for the UAE weather.


All small businesses face their own challenges, in particular, retailers face their own set of obstacles, which are only getting more complex as e-commerce continues to expand and competition from the big (and small) players heighten. I try to stay informed and make educated decisions about the e-commerce world and what customers want, to meet these challenges head-on.

Distribution is also a challenge for any new, small business. Luckily platforms like Saffron Souk have allowed small business owners in the region like myself a channel to distribute, promote and even test out products on the local market.


I will be expanding my personalised jewellery line in the near future, as well as bringing back some best sellers in fashion and home accessories!

When you buy from Saffron Souk, you not only buy special and unique handcrafted items, but also you help local businesses to grow and keep up their creative track. 

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