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Add charm to the decor of your abode with our exclusive signature wooden tray. A staple item used for serving your most precious guests.

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Add charm to your decor with our exclusive signature wooden tray. Made with extra-wide surfaces, our wooden trays are easy to move and keep a coffee table organized. The wood on the side panels show the natural imperfections of wood, making every piece one-of-a-kind. Lights, flowers, candles, perfumes, photos, books, and jewelry are just some of the things you can put on your tray to both keep things organized and looking good. Hand-created trays are made to the highest quality because we value authenticity. Gift this to someone you care about, and on any special occasion. 

100% Natural Mansonian Walnut Wood

37cm length x 28cm width x 6cm height

Customized signature wooden tray from The Detail Co.'s exclusive collection. 

Personalized to your perfection. 

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