The Arts of Gifting...

If there is one thing we know about Saffron Souk, is the Art of Gifting! Our favorite gifts are the thoughtful ones, the ones which are created with love, care and artistic ideas.  The items we offer you are the ones we wish for our special and loved ones. We choose for you the most unexpected and original gifts that worth buying. The ones that delight, excite and hit the mark. 

Our best advise for actually pulling through and tracking down that elusive perfection is to choose extraordinary over normal and gift shop from the local brands we support. By buying our gifts from Saffron Souk you will be empowering small businesses to grow and keep creating unique items targeting people who always aim to be special.

Saffron Souk provides wide variety of gifts for all ages, people and occasions. 


On your anniversary visit the Saffron Souk marketplace, and leave with the best one-of-a-kind gift for your exclusive person. You'll never regret getting your customized piece of art or a full wood handcrafted letter of your love's name. Also, check the dried flowers' bouquet which is a romantic anniversary gift that lasts forever.

For Babies: 

You have a newborn baby in the family?  Purchase your baby love gift basket and the flower bouquet for the sweet babies specializing your lives. Not only newborn, but also little people need care and attention. At Saffron Souk, we get your back!  Toto Racoon Little Amigurumi  will be a perfect gift, décor for child's bedroom or lovely toy for your baby. Also, you can let your girl glow with the sparkly bow designed to add elegancy and colors over your girls' head. Moreover, Oh snap T-shirt and Boho Beaded Necklace might be your kid's favorite piece of accessory or clothes that they will never take them off their bodies.

For Him or Her: 

Get him the perfect bracelet to assist him to balance and release his negative emotions. Or a couple map poster print as a reminder to look back on and cherish the day you started your journey as a couple.

And you! Get her the gorgeous heart shaped pink Lola hoop earrings or a love sign handcrafted wood to show her your care. And, what about an awesome pearl ear cuffs or handbag shoulder straps from blue agate stones which no one else could have it due to its uniqueness and originality!  

Customize Yours Now: 

Get your own hand-painted concrete planter. Also, an Arabic calligraphy piece of art, where you send the seller what name you want to write and within days you receive your magical name calligraphy. And a natural flowers designed as the letter you want would be an eco-friendly gift with a lot of meanings and emotions.  


Birthday are frequent through the year, and choosing a gift is hardest, especially for the ones who mean a lot to you. Here is your pool of choices. 

An Abu-Dhabi skyline cushion is a surprising gift for Emiratis which will definitely be their favorite one. Or a Happy Birthday balloon to decorate the party. But always choose to be special and get the blue Kyantine pedant for meditation lovers since it is a natural pain reliever. And a black box, which  represents strength, seriousness, power, authority and prestigious thoughts to be an exact Birthday Gift for teenagers.

Saffron Souk always seeks to provide various options for their customers to widen their options and choices of the gifts they want to buy. We can guarantee that our products will match your lovers taste in the gifts they would like to get in all occasions. 

Order your item now, and chill! We guarantee that your gift will be the best! 

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