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The STRAWBERRY quiet book is an interactive and fun skill development toy that can be used to keep

toddlers busy with various activities  that are designed to challenge multiple skills at once.

Suitable for age 6months to 4yrs old

Size: 6*6 inches approximately

This 7 page colorful book is integrated with fun fine-motor and eye-hand co-ordination

activities that help teach new skills.


Page 1 : Strawberry : The strawberry top attached on a metal clasp can be removed and put back. It also spins around.

Page 2 : Flower: Opening and closing the petals by pulling the string will strengthen the hand muscles along with arousing the curiosity of the child.

Page 3 : Shoe : The lacing activity teaches simple knots, passing the lace through the loops and the lace can be removed and put on in different patterns. This is great for hand eye coordination and helps with a child’s attention span.

Page 4 : Buckling the Cat. The technique required to the close the buckle helps develop hand coordination while also imparting the understanding of safety.

Page : 5 Colorful Zippers : This activity will require the child to apply force with their little fingers to move the zipper and will help develop strength in their little fingers.

Page 6: Mouse Maze: The mouse can be moved through the maze indulging in a lil peek-a–boo. It encourages curiosity and helps in understanding of the concept of In and Out.

Page 7 : Giraffe. The bows on the giraffe can be unbuttoned, helping with muscle movement

Each page with a unique activity helps  the child cleverly engage in various skills, building attention span and introducing concepts using animals they can relate to.  

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