Why shop at The Saffron Souk?

You know when you’re travelling and by chance, you come across one of those little gems of a shop, jammed to the rafters with gorgeous things that you just need to own?

Well, The Saffron Souk marketplace is a bit like that, except that it’s made up of a collection of these delicious shops. Best of all, you don’t need to travel anywhere, or worry about blowing out your luggage allowance for that matter!

The Saffron Souk marketplace is open all day every day, giving you quick and convenient access to a wonderful range of unique, original and sometimes quirky (but always in a good way) products.

The Saffron Souk’s focus is on showcasing local creative brands and their boutique, handmade and artisan products, many of which are made right here in the region. By choosing to buy the products for sale at The Saffron Souk, you’re having a direct and immediate impact on local small businesses and independent designer-makers.

The boutique finds on The Saffron Souk marketplace are the sort of things that the big international brands can’t even attempt to offer. We’re sure we don’t need to convince you, but choosing an artisan item is just better. They’re designed and made with love and care, using small scale production and artisan techniques, keeping traditional skills and handicrafts alive. They use quality materials with fabulous design and real attention to detail, complete with the opportunity to customise and personalise items if you wish.

Shop from any of the shop fronts at saffronsouk.com and make one secure transaction and get your purchases delivered to your PO Box or direct to your door by courier. Although you are shopping from hundreds of independent brands, shop with confidence knowing you’re covered by The Saffron Souk’s A1 customer service.

Choose extraordinary over normal. Shop the marketplace here.

I have questions about a product...

You’re welcome to get in touch directly with any of the shopkeepers at Saffron Souk with any questions you have about their products, delivery or brand.

Log in at saffronsouk.com and click ‘Message Shop’ located on their shop front or product pages or on your orders page.

Exchanging personal contact details with sellers is against The Saffron Souk’s terms. Keep your order correspondence online via saffronsouk.com and your purchase is covered and protected by The Saffron Souk’s customer service and terms.

Can I get something personalized?

Absolutely! Personalised and custom made products are a speciality at The Saffron Souk. Browse all personalised products here.

Products that can be personalised are marked with a pencil icon. You can enter the personalisation details you would like in a special field on the product pages before adding the item to your shopping cart.

If the shop keeper needs any additional information from you, they’ll message you via saffronsouk.com.

Please note, there’s usually a lead time before shipping personalised products. Please check the shop front’s policies and product description for more details.

How can I contact a seller?

When you’re logged in at saffronsouk.com you can message a seller anytime before making an order or afterwards.

Go to the shop front or product page you’re interested in and click the ‘Message Shop’ button or click the contact link on your orders page.

Opt for email notifications and we’ll send you an email to let you know when they’ve replied to you.

I want to buy something but the shop is 'on vacation'

Each shop at The Saffron Souk is managed by a small brand and from time to time they temporarily close for orders, usually because they’ve received all the orders they can process at that time or else because they are actually on vacation!

Frustrating we know, when you want to buy something and are made to wait, but usually shops only go in to vacation mode for a week or two.

Enter your email address in the blue vacation notice you see when you visit a closed shop front and we’ll send you an email to let you know when they’ve re-opened for orders.

Trust us, the wait will be worth it.

Can you ship internationally?

Each shop front at The Saffron Souk dispatches orders directly to customers and so shipping options vary from shop to shop.

Most of the products for sale at saffronsouk.com can be shipped abroad, so even if your country is not available at the checkout for that product, shop keepers are more than happy to provide a custom shipping quote based on the actual weight of the products you would like to buy.

To request a custom shipping quotation, please log in at saffronsouk.com and message the shop front by clicking ‘Message Shop’ on their shop front or product pages.

Please be aware that if you purchase an item from a shop front based in a different country to you, your country may charge you import / customs duties or taxes. Any fees charged to you by your country are not included in the transaction cost at saffronsouk.com and you are required to pay these fees to complete the order and receive the delivery.

Are discounts available for bulk orders?

Each shop front at The Saffron Souk sets their own pricing but often sellers are able to offer reduced prices for buying in large quantities.

To make an enquiry, please log in at saffronsouk.com and message the shop front by clicking ‘Message Shop’ on their shop front or product pages or contact us.

For corporate, trade and wholesale orders, please click here.

What do the little icons mean?

The icons you see on some products signify different things:

Customised. The pencil icon shows that the product is made to order and can be personalised or customised with name, words, colours, etc of your choice. Shop all customised products here.

Vintage. This means that although the product may be used and old, it’s old in the best kind of way. Typically vintage products are at least 50 years old. Shop all vintage products here.

Made in. All the shop fronts at The Saffron Souk’s marketplace are based in the GCC and the ‘made in’ icons show the products that are produced right here in the Gulf. Find the perfect souvenir from your country or benefit from local shipping and shop for all products made in UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

Sale. No surprises here. If you see the grey sale icon, the product is on sale and you can purchase it at a reduced price.

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