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Opened on Saffron Souk in March 2018

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Aya’s Gift Shop Handmade  Items , A unique handmade items for your loveones.

-Cup Cake Toppers 

-Birthday Buntings

-Loothbags ( Handmade Loothbags )

-Pompom Party Headbands 


12 pcs Cupcake Toppers, 12 pcs Looth bags, 12 pcs pompom Headbands.

All items are made of Construction Papers ( Cup cake Toppers, Loothbags and Birthday Buntings), Cut and design. Pompoms are made of  yarn and a plastic headband.

If you have questions feel free to message me. 




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Shop policies

Welcome to AYAS GIFTSHOP>>We would be happy hearing you all your concerns. Handmade Items are sometimes not 100% perfect but we are doing our best. >>Can I customized my Order? YES>>For Custom-Order:Please message us ahead of time , It took 2-3 weeks to makes all these handmade Items depending on the numbers. >>Shipping of the items purchased after will be 2-3 days after purchase. >>Note: Delivery may varies to the shipping company. All Items are the same as the picture so please read very carefully before check out, they are way cheaper and we make an item for you, our time and effort so my policy i dont accept refund or return Items.If you have questions or inquiry , Please send us message Thank YOU