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Lebanese products are here! You can now browse through a full range of carefully selected Lebanese goods here at The Saffron Souk.

New Collection out Now!

Our new collection will put a fresh spin on your shopping experience. It’s a modern twist on a timeless tradition—taking you beyond your routine into the world of artisan boutiques and independent makers from Lebanon, all while shopping local!

Come discover the best of what Lebanese local independent brands have to offer. The products feature artisans and designers in Lebanon who are inspired by the vibrant, soulful and exotic destinations of Lebanon.

 Let us walk you through a well-stocked gift shop from Old Byblos Souks from the comfort of your home. Pick out that exclusive gift or surprise yourself by discovering something exciting you never knew existed. Here you can find handmade, artisan and vintage goods come to life.  Each product can immerse you in a wonderful world where our Lebanese sellers bring their creative touch to everything.

Editor’s Choice

Dream Catcher Earring - Boho Style

Handmade dream-catcher earrings with tiny stars and Crown style thread.

The main purpose of a dream catcher is to filter out the bad dreams from the good ones. It’s a security blanket for your mind – a secure net – to wake up refreshed and surprisingly lighter – as if a huge burden has been lifted off your back.

With this in mind, dream catcher earrings were crafted to shine beautifully for occasions that call for somber elegance yet be light enough to double as your best friend when you need an uplifting presence while lying in bed.

The Blessing

 Replace the clutter on your coffee tables with this signature wooden tray. They’re designed to fit perfectly on a coffee table or end table, making them the ideal surface for setting down drinks or keys when you arrive home from work or school.

With a simple, effortless touch, these trays slide smoothly across the surface of a coffee table, eliminating any risk of tipping over. The wood on the side panels show the natural imperfections of wood, making every piece one-of-a-kind. Hand Crafted trays are made to the highest quality because our Lebanese sellers value authenticity. Find your favorite design today!

Why Shop Local?

Receive the homegrown feel.

Our sellers are personally invested in perfecting their products, and they will go the extra mile for their customers when it comes to providing the best handmade items.

These independent makers are united by their passion to create something unique and special. This is because they too are looking to leave a mark on the world - simply for the joy of accomplishment.

Help maintain the rich arts and crafts heritage of communities around the world. Shopping from local independent brands helps these communities create sustainable economic growth by providing a platform for them to sell their unique goods online, directly from their own homes.

Support small businesses in Lebanon through the world’s local marketplace, check our collection now! 

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