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Everything i do i believe in following my instincts my passions and my love. My love for Nature, passion for design and my instinct gave birth to Rheanna a new page in my life an extension of who I am. I love the process of designing and stringing each element infusing them with positivity and boldness. Designing jewelry keeps me calm, it's like meditation for me I experiment with various shapes, colors, textures and sizes. I am fascinated by the tribal jewelry which is bold, chunky and rarely uniform.

Rheanna Jewels are made of semi precious stones, brass, crystals, Silver (range 80 to 92.5) & German silver presented with same boldness and rawness of tribal jewelry the closest form to nature. The materials used are those found locally with content and quality varying among different culture, artisans and across time. there may be missing stones, broken sections and debris still clinging to them from having been displayed in the local market, these irregularities are part of its charm, heritage, and value.  The colors are those of Nature the rich blues of Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli, the glowing reds of carnelian and Coral, the creamy whites of pearl and bone and the warm hues of amber.

Jewelry is about self expression, your personality, it’s the finishing touch to ones outfit it expresses your faith and provides you with tangible reminders about who you love or who loves you. Rheanna jewelry collection is intended for it that goes with any of your attire.


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