Mermaid Tail Cake Toppers

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These Confection Deception Mermaid Tail Cake toppers are the perfect addition to any cake, fake or real. These are perfect for the party planners, and event stylists! Each one will be unique and may not look exactly like the photos, but will be similar.
-These toppers are *NOT* made of fondant. They are a similar material, not food based, and not perishable. They will last forever if your careful with them.
-Tails are sold in sets of three.
-Colors are blue, purple, and pink. Each has multiple colors added, as well as a pearl glaze, and a small amount of glitter. A few of the scales have gold on them
-Each one will be hand painted and unique. It may not look exactly like the photos, but will be similar.
-They are each approximately 2.75" tall by 2" wide at the top of the fin.
-Each is on a small wooden dowel for easy placement. There will be a tiny wood brace on the back of the fin to keep the tail from breaking at its smallest point. The back will be painted as well.
-Please remember these are fake cake toppers, NOT EDIBLE!!
-The toppers are made with special materials, and paints. They CAN get damaged if your not careful!
-We do NOT suggest for children's play as they are made with materials you don't want them eating :)

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