MAKI, Your Private Gym!!

Magic includes minimizing wide areas into one smaller ones. Here is our Magic!! MAKI, a high quality gym rolled in an innovative roll up designed bag to offer you the opportunity to workout privately,  hygienically and with the exact gym vibes.  

Maki provides all gym tools needed to perform the best workout at any place, during any time. A high quality and durable mat, ladder, resistance band, resistance tube, AB Wheel, speed rope, sliders, suspension, grip assistance, mini brands, dumbbells, toning band… Anything you want is here available in your mini gym at your home.




Why Customers Love it?

Maki is the best combination of what you need at any gym in a roll design available with you wherever you are.

When you have no time to go to the gym, the gym comes to you! MAKI allows you to do your workout alone or with a group of friends at home or in any safe area. It is fully equipped with all essential tools of various weights and sizes.

Customers transfer their gym to their house, see their trainer on their screen and start exercising freely, because no one sees them now.



 Find your small squared area, roll off your one of a kind Maki gym and enjoy your workout at home. Have all equipment you need right next to you and create your own and preferred gym vibe all over your place.


Who will follow up with you?

When you order your Maki Gym you will not only be buying a product, but also a long-term service.

Maki provides the guidance of professional fitness trainers from all over the world, to maintain your physical safety while using the product. The programs are constantly updated to always offer exciting and different methods to use all the Maki Tools and do your workout in the safest way possible.




Not only at home, but you can also enjoy using your Maki Gym in nature. Tie your band on a tree trunk and start your workout in the fresh air. How wonderful might laying down on the grass, doing your workout empowered by the beauty of nature and healthy lifestyle be  !!


Maki Gym is the best multi-tasked product which should be found in every house and for every individual. From now on, you have no excuse to skip your workout because MAKI offers you the most comfortable atmosphere to do sports and stay healthy.

Never hesitate to order your own special MAKI Gym and support creative ideas which have become unique items.  

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