How To Throw The Best Thanksgiving Gathering

The glorious sweater weather is here with cool days, walks under the rain and Thanksgiving! 

Yes, Thanksgiving is all about the food, turkey and pies. But, you’ll definitely want some warm decorations on your table!

Whether you're looking for a fun tray, a printable card, or a cute cookie jar, we've got the perfect find.



Saffron Marigold Barni

Give your guests warm and delicious cookies in this awesome jar, we're sure they'll love it!

The Saffron Marigold Barni is a perfect combination of creativity and culture. This Saffron Marigold Barni Jar is sure to draw tons of compliments, by combining the uniqueness of Saffron and the cheeriness of Marigold in a vintage Barni Jar.

This product is not only for Thanksgiving decoration, it will cater to your needs even after your guests have devoured the cookies. You can use it later on for storage and preservation. We've got a home for your pickles!

Arabic Welcome Print

 Arabic Welcome Print image

Welcome to your own dwelling! Our exclusive Arabic Welcome print is a bold way to let your guests know that they are welcome to your thanksgiving gathering.  With lovely handmade fabrics, stunning calligraphy, and vibrant colors, this high-quality print is sure to make your home ready for Thanksgiving.

Beautifully written in the flowing style of Naskh font, the text reads Ahlan wa Sahlan أَهْلًا وَسَهْلًا , a greeting, that says "Hello" and Welcome.

Ahlan means the guest has reached their own people or their family.

Sahlan means the guest has come into the greeter’s dwelling; a metaphor for welcome.

Circle Tray with the mother of pearl


Circle tray with the mother of pearl, Eid gift, walnut wood with Sadaf, home decor, display tray

Serve your Thanksgiving guests with this beautiful handmade tray!

The circle tray with the mother of pearl tray is made with a local feel that matches the warmth of your Thanksgiving gathering.  It is crafted by highly professional artisans so that the walnut wood material becomes a piece with a modern, yet homegrown style.

The crafting process took a lot of effort to come up with such a design, but the quality is well worth it. Besides being practical, elegant, and resistant this tray is eco-friendly with natural materials.

24 Appreciation Cards - Thank You


24 Appreciation Cards - Thank you (DIGITAL)

Thanksgiving is the time to show your family how thankful you are to have them, and for all that they do for you. In the gathering, family members are ready to accept and share compassion, positivity, and inspiration.

Giving and receiving gratitude is so wholesome and will add warmth to your Thanksgiving gathering.

Distribute these Appreciation Thank You cards to your guests after Thanksgiving dinner and show them how much you appreciate them!

From creative handmade décor to functional yet beautiful trays and jars, this Thanksgiving collection is guaranteed to inspire you. The only thing that will be more impressive than these products will be your turkey on Thanksgiving dinner!



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