How To Offer Free Shipping?

Your shoppers love getting things for free, and free shipping might as well be the top choice promotion. However, a lot of sellers might see free shipping costs too much to handle.

But, what if you can apply free shipping without hurting your pocket?

Here are three simple methods to win free shipping this season


Offer Free Shipping to Specific Products

If you have a low value item, shipping will be quite expensive in comparison to the price of the product. For example, if a ring is listed for $20, but comes with a shipping of $5, the cost of shipping is 25% of the product price. Even if the customer can pay for it, they will most likely abandon the cart because these shipping fees are too high for a ring.

However, if you offer the same ring for $25 with free shipping the customer will be willing to buy it, everyone loves free stuff. In the customer’s perspective, they got what they wanted for no additional expense.

Free shipping promotions will induce customers to buy and help you stand out from competitors. In the long run, customers will choose you over other sellers whose products have high shipping fees.


Restrict Free Shipping to Specific Countries

Free shipping logistics don’t have to be so complicated; you can restrict free shipping to a specific country. For example if you are in the UAE, you can offer free shipping for customers within your area.

Do you remember when we added the price of the products to provide free shipping?

So let’s suppose the product costs 60 AED and shipping costs in UAE are 30 AED. Then the price will be 90 AED.

Now if a customer makes a purchase from another location, let’s say Saudi Arabia. They will see the same price as the UAE customer, but since they’re paying for their shipping, the customer in Saudi will get 30 AED off their order. This way, both customers received a promotion that you didn’t pay for!

 You can use this feature in order to target specific countries that you want to reach. For example, if you are interested in reaching customers in Saudi, you can list free shipping for customers located there and you’ll be able to enter their market easier.


Set a minimum order subtotal

Free shipping doesn’t have to cost you much at all. Our free shipping promotion conditions allow you to set a minimum order requirement in exchange for free shipping.

This means that customers will have to spend a minimum amount of money in order to get free shipping, which will motivate them to increase their order value. Thus, free shipping will increase your revenue.

You must set the minimum threshold to be greater than what a customer would typically spend. Increase the AOV by about a third, for example if it is currently $65, then increase it up to $94.

It will be easier for the customer’s eyes if you round it up for a number that they expect, like a multiple of 5 or an even number. In this case, round the $94 up to $100. Common free shipping thresholds include $25, $35, $50, and $100.


As the holiday season approaches, shoppers will be expecting to see more free shipping promotions. We have launched an extensive marketing campaign for our products with Free Shipping.

What are you waiting for? Offer free shipping and benefit from our marketing campaign today!

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