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Himalayan Salty Treasures

For clients outside of UAE:

If you would like to purchase any item and have it delivered to you, please contact me via Saffron Souk.

I am happy to announce that International Shipping is an available option !


For clients within UAE:

Please choose UAE courier delivery. Delivery is made within 1 or 2 business days.

Himalayan salt lamps provide a variety of health benefits:

  • * much needed negative ions (these are good for us)
  • * reduced stress levels
  • * better sleep
  • * higher serotonin levels
  • * reduced asthma/allergy symptoms
  • * increased energy levels
  • * improved breathing
  • * better mood

Himalayan Pink salt provides you with the following health benefits, amongst many more:

  • * 84 minerals & nutrients (white salt has zero)
  • * Naturally rich in Iodine (white salt has artificial iodine)
  • * Dissolves, detoxifies, & removes toxins from body
  • * Creates an electrolyte balance
  • * Reduces bloating & water retention
  • * Reduces muscle cramping, strengthens bones
  • * Improves respiratory health etc...

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