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What is Saffron Souk?

Saffron Souk is an online creative community. Whether you’re a maker, a merchant of unique things or a lover of the hard to find, Saffron Souk is a place where you can connect, interact and shop from people with the common interest of a love for creativity and beautiful things.

Marketplace. Discover and shop from small local brands or become a seller and open your own shop front at our curated marketplace.

CommunitySaffron Souk is more then just a marketplace, we are a Gulf based online community of creative entrepreneurs & smart shoppers. Khalli wali, we’re just a little bit different and we’re okay with that. If you’re not already a member, please register for free here.

EventsOur calendar of events showcases all the creative goodness taking place around the region. Markets, pop-ups, classes & educational events to help build your business. Add your event today.

BlogOur blog is the perfect place to  find out what’s new in our community. Learn new skills and be inspired by the stories of Saffron Souk’ sellers, their brands and creative things that inspire us.

Saffron Souk FZ LLC is a homegrown brand, licensed with Creative City, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

How does the marketplace work?

The marketplace at saffronsouk.com is stocked by over 250 independent small brands. When you shop at Saffron Souk, you’re supporting these local businesses, makers, designers and artists and having a direct and immediate impact on them.

Saffron Souk hosts these shop fronts, facilities communication between sellers and customers, streamlines the order process and collects payments from customers. Importantly, Saffron Souk offers customers the security, customer service and reassurance of shopping from small brands in a single hassle-free transaction.

If you’re interested in opening a shop front at the marketplace, please scroll down to the Selling section below for more information.

Do you have a physical store?

Saffron Souk is an online marketplace, open 24 hours and 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure. We don’t have a physical shop to visit, but offer the convience of shopping anywhere and anytime complete with delivery to your PO Box or couriered direct to your door.

We take part in pop-up events from time to time, so sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.

I'd like to speak to someone, can I ring you?

Saffron Souk is an online community and so we’re all about emails to get started.

Don’t let this hold you back, please contact Saffron Souk HQ at [email protected], the marketplace team at [email protected] for shopping, order and selling related questions, or message any of the shop fronts at the marketplace directly by logging in at saffronsouk.com and clicking the blue ‘message shop’ buttons on their shop front or product pages.

Can I change my account details?

You are welcome to update your email address, password and other details relating to your Saffron Souk member account anytime. To make changes, please log in at saffronsouk.com, click on My Account, then Account Details on the left.

How can I get my event listed on the events calendar?

Saffron Souk’ events calendar focuses on listing creative events that are relevant and of interest to our creative community, such as artisan markets, workshops and exhibitions.

We welcome all registered members of Saffron Souk’ creative community to post their creative events on to the calendar.

To add a listing, please log in to saffronsouk.com and click the add event link on our events page. Your proposed listing will be reviewed by Saffron Souk to ensure it is appropriate and complete, and once approved, they will be published to appear on the events calendar.

If you post a listing on our calendar, it is your responsibility to ensure the details are correct and up to date. You can edit your calendar listings anytime if the event date, timings or details change. To do this, log in to saffronsouk.com and click the add event link on our events page, then the + symbol next to your event.

Posting a standard listing on the events calendar is free of charge.

Can I advertise on saffronsouk.com?

Saffron Souk has paid promotional opportunities for members of our community, but in the spirit of community, we do not sell advertising such as banner ads and email shots to external businesses. If your business fits the bill, please contact us for further details.

How do I change my message notification settings?

saffronsouk.com has an internal message service which allows Saffron Souk members to communicate directly with sellers at the marketplace. If you have questions about a product or your order, or if you have made a purchase and the seller has questions for you, the website automatically sends you a notification by email to let you know that you have received a message.

To stay informed, we strongly recommend you keep your message notifications activated. You can choose to stop being sent an email notification but please be aware that if you’ve placed an order or are expecting a response to a message you’ve sent, you will need to actively check in to your account for messages. If a seller has a question about the order you have placed with them, they are unlikely to ship it until they have had a response from you, so the shipping of your order could be delayed.

In accordance with our privacy policy, we will not give your email address to others.

If you still want to stop receiving notification emails from saffronsouk.com, you can change your preference in ‘Account Details’ on your My Account page. Please note that order confirmation emails will still be sent to you even if you have your message notification email option disabled.


How can I become a seller with Saffron Souk?

Thanks for asking. Saffron Souk is a specialist online marketplace for creatives. We’re always on the hunt for fabulous local brands with original products to join our community and sell at the marketplace.

Selling with Saffron Souk is currently open to anyone living in the Gulf Coorperation Council countries (UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar).

We have a simple obligation free sellers application process to open a shop front at the marketplace. To find out more, please click here.

Why do I need to be approved?

The focus of Saffron Souk’ marketplace is on creative brands and artisan, boutique and handmade products. We have a curation policy that defines the type of brands and products that are permitted to be sold at Saffron Souk. Think extraordinary over normal.

The application process ensures that a brand and its product range is a good match for selling at Saffron Souk.

The application process is obligation free and you can stop at anytime during the process if you wish – although we can’t imagine why you would want to!

What are the fees?

Setting up a shop front at saffronsouk.com is free. There are no listing or subscription fees and a success fee is charged on successful sales. We don’t publish our rates and fee details will be made available on the approval of your sellers application.

Do I need a trade license?

Good news habibi. If you’re UAE based and your products meet with our terms, you do not need to hold your own trade license to open and manage a shop front and sell online at Saffron Souk.

In fact, this is one of the reasons that saffronsouk.com was set up – we’re keen to promote the work of local creative brands to get established online quickly, easily, with low overheads and in a legal framework.

As a Saffron Souk shop keeper, you can trial products and test the market without the time and expense of setting up a licensed business, developing your own website and sorting out a costly payment gateway.

Due to health and safety reasons and in accordance with local regulations, you must hold your own trade license and associated municipality permits to sell edibles on Saffron Souk.

I'm clueless about technology. Can I still sell?

Don’t panic, you don’t need a masters in internet wizardry to sell online at Saffron Souk. Operating a shop front at Saffron Souk is user-friendly and low tech.

Aside from that brilliant product range of yours, what you do need to have to run a successful shop front is A1 customer service and communication skills.

Don’t forget, the marketplace team is available to answer any questions you have about setting up and managing your shop front. To find out more about opening a shop front, click here.

I'd like to apply to open a shop front. How do I get started?

If you’d like to lodge an application to open a shop front and sell with Saffron Souk, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you, habibi.

My application wasn't approved... why?

Sellers applications can be unsuccessful for many reasons and although our review team is unable to provide feedback on individual applications, we find that common reasons include:

  • Inappropriate product type, mass produced products or items which are not a good fit with our curation policy. You won’t find mobile phones and TVs at Saffron Souk, sorry habibi.
  • Very similar products or brands are already open at the marketplace or setting up behind the scenes. We look for originality and uniqueness.
  • Incohesive branding or product range. Saffron Souk is a specialist creative marketplace, not your local superstore.
  • Products or product photos need refinement and improvement to sell successfully. It’s all about image when selling online.

Saffron Souk is an inclusive and supportive community and you are most welcome to resubmit your application with different products and/or photographs and we suggest reading through our sell pages to check our sellers requirements.

Keep an eye on Saffron Souk’ blog for tips and tutorials on selling online.

Can you help with shipping my products? Yes we can...

Saffron Souk’ courier partner is another great local brand, Aramex.

Sellers dispatch orders directly to customers and although you can use the courier company of your choice, all UAE based sellers at saffronsouk.com are welcome to use the services of our courier partner for the delivery of their orders. If you want to offer your customers COD, you must use Saffron Souk’ courier partner for deliveries. Full details are made available on approval of your sellers application.

How do I get paid?

Saffron Souk collects payments from customers, online or via COD and then makes payments due to sellers on a monthly basis. You can choose to be paid via bank transfer or Paypal. Full details are made available on approval of your sellers application.


Why shop at Saffron Souk?

You know when you’re travelling and by chance, you come across one of those little gems of a shop, jammed to the rafters with gorgeous things that you just need to own?

Well, the Saffron Souk marketplace is a bit like that, except that it’s made up of a collection of these delicious shops. Best of all, you don’t need to travel anywhere, or worry about blowing out your luggage allowance for that matter!

The Saffron Souk marketplace is open all day every day, giving you quick and convenient access to a wonderful range of unique, original and sometimes quirky (but always in a good way) products.

Saffron Souk’ focus is on showcasing local creative brands and their boutique, handmade and artisan products, many of which are made right here in the GCC. By choosing to buy the products for sale at Saffron Souk, you’re having a direct and immediate impact on local small businesses and independent designer-makers.

The boutique finds on the Saffron Souk market are the sort of things that the big international brands can’t even attempt to offer. We’re sure we don’t need to convince you, but choosing an artisan item is just better. They’re designed and made with love and care, using small scale production and artisan techniques, keeping traditional skills and handicrafts alive. They use quality materials with fabulous design and real attention to detail, complete with the opportunity to customise and personalise item if you wish.

Shop from any of the shop fronts at saffronsouk.com and make one secure transaction and get your purchases delivered to your PO Box or direct to your door by courier. Although you are shopping from hundreds of independent brands, shop with confidence knowing you’re covered by Saffron Souk’ A1 customer service.

Choose extraordinary over normal. Shop the marketplace here.

I have questions about a product...

Mafi mushkila. You’re welcome to get in touch directly with any of the shop keepers at Saffron Souk with any questions you have about their products, delivery or brand.

Log in at saffronsouk.com and click ‘Message Shop’ located on their shop front or product pages or on your orders page.

Exchanging personal contact details with sellers is against Saffron Souk’ terms. Keep your order corespondence online via saffronsouk.com and you purchase is covered and protected by Saffron Souk’ customer service and terms.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Good news, habibi yes you can!

Saffron Souk has 2 types of gift vouchers – choose a gift card for a specific occasion and value or alternatively, suggest a product for the receipient to spend their voucher on.

You can choose to email vouchers directly to the recipient with a personalised message, or they can be emailed directly to you to print or forward on. Vouchers are emailed immediately upon purchase.

Gift vouchers are available in multiples of 50.00 AED and spent across any of the shops at saffronsouk.com.

To purchase gift vouchers by occasion and value, please shop here and to gift a product, please click the ‘gift this product’ button on any product page.

Can I get something personalised?

Absolutely! Personalised and custom made products are a speciality at Saffron Souk. Browse all personalised products here.

Products that can be personalised are marked with a pencil icon. You can enter the personalisation details you would like in a special field on the product pages before adding the item to your shopping cart.

If the shop keeper needs any additional information from you, they’ll message you via saffronsouk.com.

Please note, there’s usually a lead time before shipping personalised products. Please check the shop front’s policies and product description for more details.

How can I contact a seller?

When you’re logged in at saffronsouk.com you can message a seller anytime before making an order or afterwards.

Go to the shop front or product page you’re interested in and click the ‘Message Shop’ button or click the contact link on your orders page.

Opt for email notifications and we’ll send you an email to let you know when they’ve replied to you.

I want to buy something but the shop is 'on vacation'

Each shop front at Saffron Souk is managed by a small brand and from time to time they temporarily close for orders, usually because they’ve received all the orders they can process at that time or else because they are actually on vacation!

Frustrating we know, when you want to buy something and are made to wait, but usually shops only go in to vacation mode for a week or two.

Enter your email address in the blue vacation notice you see when you visit a closed shop front and we’ll send you an email to let you know when they’ve re-opened for orders.

Trust us, the wait will be worth it.

Can you ship internationally?

Each shop front at Saffron Souk dispatches orders directly to customers and so shipping options vary from shop to shop.

Most of the products for sale at saffronsouk.com can be shipped abroad, so even if your country available at the checkout for that product, shop keepers are more than happy to provide a custom shipping quote based on the actual weight of the products you would like to buy.

To request a custom shipping quotation, please log in at saffronsouk.com and message the shop front by clicking ‘Message Shop’ on their shop front or product pages.

Please be aware that if you purchase an item from a shop front based in a different country to you, your country may charge you import / customs duties or taxes. Any fees charged to you by your country are not included in the transaction cost at saffronsouk.com and you are required to pay these fees to complete the order and receive the delivery.

Are discounts available for bulk orders?

Each shop front at Saffron Souk sets their own pricing but often sellers are able to offer reduced prices for buying in large quantities.

To make an enquiry, please log in at saffronsouk.com and message the shop front by clicking ‘Message Shop’ on their shop front or product pages or contact us.

For corporate, trade and wholesale orders, please click here.

What do the little icons mean?

The icons you see on some products signify different things:

Customised. The pencil icon shows that the product is made to order and can be personalised or customised with name, words, colours, etc of your choice. Shop all customised products here.

Vintage. This means that although the product may be used and old, it’s old in the best kind of way. Typically vintage products are at least 50 years old. Shop all vintage products here.

Made in. All the shop fronts at Saffron Souk’ marketplace are based in the GCC and the ‘made in’ icons show the products that are produced right here in the Gulf. Find the perfect souvenir from your country or benefit from local shipping and shop for all products made in UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

Sale. No surprises here. If you see the grey sale icon, the product is on sale and you can purchase it at a reduced price.


What payment options are available?

Although there are many individual shop fronts at Saffron Souk’s marketplace, we offer the security and convience of one checkout.

Customers can choose to pay by online via credit card, debit / ATM card in UAE Dirhams or by Paypal in US Dollars.

Some shop fronts also offer cash on delivery (COD) to UAE based customers.

Can I pay COD? Yes you can!

Saffron Souk marketplace is stocked by hundreds of unique and independent shop fronts, located throughout the GCC. Currently, UAE based shop fronts can choose whether they offer their customers cash on delivery (COD) as a payment option.

If COD is provided by a shop front, you’ll see it as a payment option at the checkout. COD deliveries are made via Saffron Souk’ courier partner.

Some shop fronts choose not to offer COD. Usually, this is because their products are custom made, made to order or personalied in some way and so they require payment upon order.

Keep in mind, making a payment via credit card, debit / ATM card or Paypal upon order is secure and usually a more efficient and a less costly option for both customers and Saffron Souk’ shop keepers.

Delivery & Returns

How will my order be delivered?

Each shop front at Saffron Souk dispatches orders directly to customers and so shipping options vary from shop to shop.

Some shop fronts offer a collection service, but a choice of post or courier delivery is most common.

If you choose post, your parcel will be delivered to your PO Box in the GCC or to your mail box in countries that have a street front postal service. Depending on your location it is also possible that your post office will require you to collect your parcel from them.

If you choose courier, your parcel will be delivered to your street address unless you live in an ‘out of serive’ area. Please ensure you provide a mobile number at the checkout.

The seller will log parcel tracking details against your order once it’s dispatched so you can follow up on your delivery directly if required.

Where's my order?

Saffron Souk’ shop fronts are based throughout the GCC and so delivery times can vary from shop to shop. To check the delivery times related to the products you’ve purchased, check the product description or shop policies.

If you’d like to check on the status of a dispatched order, the parcel tracking details will have been sent to you via Saffron Souk message.

For postal deliveries, please take your registered post number to the counter to claim your parcel, even if you haven’t recieved the usual paper slip in your PO Box from the post officer.

Custom made and personalised items have a lead time for their production prior to shipping. Please check the product details and shop front policies for details.

Please allow for delays in delivery during public and religious holidays.

Why is my order arriving in multiple parcels?

The marketplace at saffronsouk.com is stocked by hundreds of independent shop fronts and each shop front dispatches their orders directly to their customers. If you have made purchases from more than one shop front, your order will be delivered in more than one parcel.

I haven't received an item. What should I do?

When a seller ships your order, they message you with the parcel tracking details so you can check the status of the delivery. Often, a courier will have attempted to call you or to make a delivery but if you’ve missed them, contact them with your tracking details to schedule a delivery.

If there’s an item missing from your order, please contact the seller of the missing item by clicking the ‘message shop’ button on your order details or on their shop front pages and let them know. If you have any trouble, please contact us.

Don’t forget that if you’ve made purchases from more than one shop front, your order will be delivered in more than one parcel.

I'm not happy with an item I received. Can I return it?

It’s essential for us here at Saffron Souk to have happy customers.

Saffron Souk has terms relating to returns and refunds that govern the marketplace and each shop fronts has their own shop policies specific terms for the products they sell.

In the unlikely event that your purchase is faulty, damaged or not as shown or described, you can return it and receive a replacement or a refund. There are restrictions for returning edibles, bath & body products and custom made or personalised products.

For more information, please read our terms here. Please also see the sellers policies in their shop front.

To make a return, please message the shop front directly within 48 hours of receiving your order by clicking ‘Message Shop’ in your order details or on their shop front pages. The seller will guide you with the next steps, for you to return the product and usually to receive either a replacement, exchange or refund.

I've opted to collect my order. Where do I collect it from?

If you’ve chosen to collect your order from a seller, they will message you with the full collection address and collection times available after you have made your purchase online.

Please note, collection points are for collecting orders only and purchases at these locations are not permitted.

Can you ship abroad?

Good news, most of the products at saffronsouk.com can be shipped around the world. If the product you want doesn’t list your location as a shipping option, please message them by clicking ‘Message Shop’ and request a custom shipping quotation from them.

Please be aware that you will be charged shipping to your delivery address when you place an order at saffronsouk.com but import duties and taxes may be charged by your country. Any duties and taxes are not included and are the customers responsibility to pay.

If you choose not to pay duties and taxes imposed by your country, the order will be returned to the seller and on receipt of the unopened / undamaged parcel, a refund less shipping will be made.

Still have questions, habibi?  Message us…

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