Curation Policy

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To be in charge of selecting, arranging and presenting material for an art exhibition or museum [or The Saffron Souk’s marketplace]

Collins English Dictionary


Why shop with The Saffron Souk?

Shopping with The Saffron Souk is a personal experience. You’re shopping directly from the small brands, artists and independent designer-makers, with the simplicity, safety and customer service of The Saffron Souk.

Our curation policy means that The Saffron Souk showcases the region’s best creative brands and makes those hard to find and unique products easy to discover and to buy.

By shopping with The Saffron Souk, you’re supporting our local creative brands and the creative talent behind them.

Why sell with The Saffron Souk?

The marketplace at is a niche marketplace, focusing on creative brands.

Our curation policy enables you to position your brand in a marketplace amongst like-minded brands and your products amongst other original finds, rather than TVs, mobile phones and mass produced imports.

Your brand benefits from being part of a community and reaching customers with the infrastructure, support and protection that The Saffron Souk provides you

Why does Th Saffron Souk have a curation policy?

Our marketplace is a specialist marketplace for creative brands and this curation policy defines what we consider a creative brand to be.

It enables us to differentiate The Saffron Souk’s marketplace and guides the review of the sellers’ applications that we receive. Our curation policy ensures that the heart of the The Saffron Souk brand and core values of our community are carried through the marketplace and that our niche position in the market is maintained.

The Policy

What do we look for?

The Saffron Souk’s uniqueness is our strength. We are looking for the extraordinary.

We define a creative brand by its uniqueness and we look for sellers with:

  • Unique and original products, in terms of design, innovation and production.
  • High quality, in terms of the product, packaging and product photography.
  • Brands that have a story to tell and products that help bring them to life.
  • Special services, including customisation, personalisation and extraordinary customer service.

Products should not be ordinary or replicate someone else’s. Although products do not have to be sold exclusively on The Saffron Souk, products should not be from brands which are readily available in retail shops or online.

What production methods are acceptable?

Products can be workshop made, handmade or made using artisan techniques. They do not have to be made by you or your business but you must hold the agency or right to sell them in this region.

Sourcing your products from a supplier or using a specialist manufacturer to make your designs is acceptable, but their production must be socially and environmentally responsible and not be considered mass produced (a standard product which is manufactured in large quantities by an automated mechanical process).

Where are sellers located?

Provided that they are not mass produced, products from around the world can be sold on The Saffron Souk.

However, our current requirement is that all sellers at The Saffron Souk (and their stock) must be based in the GCC (United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Sultanate of Oman).

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