Boost your sales - Saffron Souk shop front tools & tips

If you manage a shop front at Saffron Souk' marketplace or are flirting with the idea of joining 's selling community, this post is for you.

With Summer behind us, now is the time to open or refresh your shop front and ensure you're prepared for the busy Winter season ahead. Often small adjustments to the way you manage your shop front can have a major impact on the clicks your products receive and the sales you make. So Saffron Souk shopkeepers, swat up on our top tips, make your customers happy , maximize your online sales and get your shop front working for you.


Your direct URL

Each shop at comes with a unique web address which opens at your shop front. When you're posting on social media, sending an email or handing out business cards, your shop front URL is an essential inclusion and directs your fans right to your doorstep to make a quick and easy purchase. Collective hurrah.

Your shop front URL is . Share it and make sure everyone knows where to shop from you any time, any day, any where.

Customize your shop front

Setting up your shop front in full makes it a unique expression of your brand. Take the time to set it up well and completely and ensure you maintain it to give your customers the best shopping experience possible.

Graphics:  Personalize your shop front with a shop banner and profile picture/logo. Size your graphics so they view correctly and clearly. Change your graphics whenever you like and use them to promote a sale or new season collections.

About: This is your chance to tell your customers a little bit about you and your brand. Your About section can be accessed from your shop front as well as via the tabs on each of your product pages so  make it perfect .

Policies:  From time to time, things don't go to plan, so be sure to include policies that relate specifically to your shop and your products. Confirm lead times, delivery methods and any other important information you feel your customers should know about shopping from you.

Social media: Create social media buttons on your shop front by adding your social media accounts to your shop dashboard. Active social media pages help drive traffic to your shop front and can also help gain the trust of potential customers. Ensure you add your shop front URL to your social media bios.

Product listings

What is a shop without any stock? Ensure your listings are fresh, accurate and use the the best product photos possible. Great listings leads to greater exposure and more sales.

Product title: Make it descriptive and to maximize the exposure of your products when customers search.

Product descriptions: Don't leave a potential customer asking questions. Tell them what they need to know to get them clicking their way to the checkout. Crack your product description copy writing.

Photos: Use the best product photos that you possibly can. Lets face it most of us take a good snap on our smart phone but before uploading images, be sure they are oriented the correct way and resized. Large files are slow for you to upload and slow to view in your live shop front.

Shipping: Don't let shipping stop your customers from making a purchase. If you use table rates, ensure your pricing is fair. Ensure all your product listings have the same shipping options so customers can checkout smoothly with a mixed basket.

Up sell & cross sell: Get clever and expose your customer to more of your collection by linking your product listings. Add linked products to all your product listings and encourage browsers to linger longer in your shop front.

Featured product listings

If you want to target a special event, you need to list your products at least 3 months ahead. For Christmas, you should be listing products now - yes now!

Utilize the featured listings section of your shop front. Featured listings are located prominently at the top of your shop front is and the perfect place to showcase any key products, such as discounted items, new products or seasonal gifting. To select your 3 featured images, click the star icons to the right of your product listings on your shop dashboard.

Message service has a message service so shop keepers and customers can correspond with each other directly. It's essential for you as a shop keeper to keep your correspondence with customers online, ensuring a record is logged against your orders. Use the message service to clarify order details, particularly if you offer customized products. Keep your customers informed. If you have a lead time, acknowledge receipt of their order and give them an update of delivery times. Once you've shipped their order, message the parcel tracking details. Never badger a customer, keep it to the essentials.

The Handbook

The seller's information Handbook is your go-to guide for setting up and managing your shop front. It is full of tips to help you make the most of your shop front. 

As a Saffron Souk shop keeper, the handbook is your resource so be sure to use it. Log in and refer to it when ever you need to and find your answers in a jiffy.

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