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Hone your e-commerce skills, learn tricks of the trade and discover ways to promote your brand and sell online.

If you're a small business owner with so few experiences in digital marketing, we will help you through the baby steps of marketing so you can grow on your own!
With millions shopping online for their one and only, here are a few tips that will help your small business sell this Valentine’s Day.
It’s an exciting time for online businesses, and there are limitless business opportunities awaiting your small business in the new year. Here’s our advice to help your small business grow in 2022.
It’s Christmas, and the kids are home for the holidays break. So, we have piled up some ideas to help you spend quality time with your children, screens-free.  
All our sellers on The Saffron Souk want to drive sales and make money out of their products. That’s where our ‘Facebook Feed’ feature comes into play. Our “Facebook Feed’ feature allows you to post shoppable posts that link your Instagram and Facebook profiles directly to your store on The Saffron Souk.   What is a Shoppable Post? Shoppable posts are the easiest way to promote your products by tagging them in an Instagram post. These posts take your users from Instagram directly to your store on The Saffron Souk in one click! And it’s not only for a post, you can also tag your products in Instagram Stories, and Reels to reach a bigger audience, especially teenagers and millennials. Also, by posting shoppable content in several forms, you will be diversifying your marketing tools and reaching your customers more effectively. Whatever you post, post it with Product Tags. These allow users to discover product details, visit your storefront on The Saffron Souk, and make a purchase directly from the website.   How to Optimize Your Posts for Shoppable Purchases 1. Make Your Shoppable Posts Feed-Friendly Shoppable posts appear naturally to the customer’s Instagram feed while they’re scrolling as part of their daily ritual. So, keep in mind that your posts must appear natural, as Instagram users don’t appreciate the ‘in-your-face-ads’ advertisement.   The best approach would be to incorporate shoppable tags on photos that match your profile. Once your business begins selling on Instagram, experiment with images, captions, shopping tags, and decide which factors are driving the most sales.     2. Optimize your post with multiple tags. Add multiple shopping tags in your photos to help your audience explore and browse through products quicker. Test this theory by adding shopping tags to carousel posts, which have multiple photos, to test their performance against single-photo posts. Users love carousels, especially if they show high quality and eye-catching images. And, even if Instagram allows up to 10 images, it’s best if your carousel has 3 to 5 pictures. Customers will most likely not swipe 9 times to see all 10, but they’ll swipe a couple times to three attractive pictures. Instagram highlights shops on their Instagram Shop discovery tab, which is where Instagram users do most of their shopping. You will have better chances of being featured in it if you regularly post Instagram Shoppable posts. Landing a spot in the Instagram Shop discovery tab will be a huge boost to your brand exposure.  Help Instagram’s algorithms find you by constantly reminding them of your shop. 3. Activate the Shop page on your Instagram profile. After posting your first nine shoppable posts, you will be able to activate the "Shop" tab on your Instagram profile. This step groups all your shoppable posts under one tab to make product discovery easier for shoppers. Having an Instagram shop will give you access to analytics that audit your shoppable posts. You will receive data on how many people viewed product information and clicked through to the product page on The Saffron Souk. Based on this information, you can determine what type of products resonate the most with your Instagram followers. Delving into your analytics will give you an understanding of your audience's wants, improve your content, and ultimately drive more traffic to your storefront. Now that we’ve established the uniqueness of the opportunity that Instagram shoppable posts provide for your brand, are you ready to launch it? Our team is always happy to assist you in the process, all you need to do is send us an email at Note to Fatima: we have already done a webinar specifically for the “Facebook Feed” which explains how to activate it, maybe we attach a link of the webinar recording?          
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