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AMBER Jewellery

AMBER CREATIVE JEWELLERY is a European producer of amber jewelry from natural organic genuine amber.

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Аmber is one of the most energetically powerful stones; over millions of years the organic substance is stored for us in the ground. This unique stone contains amber acid with good effect on the human body. Born by uniting four elements, thanks to its unique nature, amber is considered a powerful talisman for centuries.

There are few places on Earth, which God has given such a miracle as amber is, with the happiness to experience it warmth, beauty and joy of touch. Amber rocks fields on the ground are located in the form of kind of grid with straight and curved lines. They are available on all continents and are interconnected. Specialists are well known about one of these amber lanes, that extends from the Jutland peninsula (Denmark, Germany), through Kaliningrad region, Finland and the Kola Peninsula and then below the bottom of the Arctic Ocean to the "Amber crown" of the Earth. At the Jutland peninsula amber lane divides and goes to the north and south. There are other branches including concentric forms.

One of the largest amber fields in the world is located in Ukraine in Rivne region. Since ancient times the local population together with caught and hunted animals, fish and mushrooms brought home a wonderful inflammable stone that was burning well, had a pleasant fragrance, and from which masters were making perfect decorations for their beloved.

The value of Ukrainian amber - in its identity, which is shown primarily in the variety and uniqueness of its colors. In addition to most widespread in the world brown, cherry red, red or yellow colors, Rivne amber is characterized by light green, yellow-green, light yellow and bluish-green colors as well as black and white species. Ukrainian amber contains a wide variety of interesting inclusions such as bubbles, "smoke", "cloudiness", insects and plants.

There is historical evidence that amber in Ukraine was known as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. Thus, in 1968 in the village called Ivanne in Rivne region a burial was discovered, that belongs to stone tomb of Globular Amphora culture, one of the poorly studied cultures of the Neolithic. Together with the remains of ancient cookware there was found a pendant made of amber - the amulet in the form of a rounded lenticular disc with a circular hole in the center of the decoration. Talisman made of amber helps the owner to get rid of painful memories, comforts him and establishes a new life after a series of failures and grief. Amber purifies the atmosphere, energizes it, and fills with light as well as helps dreams come true.

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