6 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales

We’ve all been there. The holiday season starts to ramp up and so do our inboxes every morning. So how can you launch a holiday campaign that can stand out?

Here are the keys for a successful holiday marketing campaign!

1. Define your audience

Research the buyer persona of your target audience and collect detailed insights about them. Learn about their preferred platforms, and how they prefer to consume content.

Also, auditing your previous holiday campaigns will help you understand the behavior of your target audience. Revisit the past trends and see how it impacted the growth of your business. Soliciting all this information will help to draft a better holiday marketing strategy that is personalized for your target audience.

 2. Win customers over with Free Shipping

Holiday shopper’s love free shipping, and they expect to see it everywhere during the season. If you haven’t offered free shipping yet, don’t worry.  The Saffron Souk has resources that show you how to offer free shipping without exceeding your budget; in fact you will be making more sales!

 Our free shipping promotion conditions give you the option to set a minimum order requirement, restrict the free shipping promotion to a specific country, or combine the price of shipping to that of an item with low value.

 3. Boost conversions with free gifts or holiday combos

Offering free gifts works as a strong conversion booster. It won’t hurt your budget, but it will make shoppers happy and ready to make a purchase. You can offer something inexpensive that doesn’t require extra shipping costs.

Product bundles are another great holiday promotion. Offering bundled products at discounted rates increases the number of sales you get and bumps up your average order value (AOV). To get better results, pair best selling products with complementary ones.

 4. Excite Customers with flash deals

Build anticipation among customers with a campaign that offers flash deals at fixed hours.

Offering discounts will generate some buzz, but how can you offer big savings and still make money?

Offer a small discount for a limited time each day. Then, create the biggest buzz possible. Focus on constantly promoting the fresh deals on a daily basis so they stay on the lookout for your offers.

 5. Benefit from Our Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is a great way to make your business visible online. You can tailor the campaign to target specific audiences based on their location, demographics and much more!

The Saffron Souk has in fact launched an extensive Google Ads campaign to promote the holiday gifts on our website. So, we’ve got that part covered for you.

We target keywords like “Christmas Gifts” and create specific ads and landing pages to promote these products. In order to benefit from these Google ads, please make it a habit to update your listings, and list products under the ‘Christmas category’.

 6. Remind Buyers of Your Brand

Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to keep your brand in your customer’s mind to gain their loyalty. It also helps generate more sales if you add calls to actions in your newsletters.

Your customers are able to access their email straight from mobile or tablets, which guarantees an efficient and direct communication with them. 


While planning your marketing campaign, prioritize giving shoppers a truly personalized experience. Make sure your campaign is easily shareable and delivers the best deals that are consistent across all of your channels.

And that’s all of our advice for today, happy selling!





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