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The Attic

Apr 1, 2018 | Meet

Are you a lover of the unique? It’s true to say, there’s no shortage of homewares stores in UAE, but if you yearn for something a little out of the ordinary to furnish your pad, something that the big brands just don’t offer, the search is not always a simple one.

Enter The Attic, a homegrown furniture and homewares business started by Rasleen and her husband three years ago in Dubai.

This local brand has a keen eye for the unique. The Attic stocks a covetable hand-selected collection of solid, well priced furniture and home décor and their personalised customer service differentiate them from the rest.


Meet The Attic

The Attic is an entrepreneurial venture started by the husband-wife duo of Inder and Rasleen (me). It all started with Inder getting some tables made for our house, which he ended up selling to some friends.

We started exploring the market and identified gaps in terms of types of furniture, designs, price points, servicing, marketing, etc and drew upon our professional corporate experience to go about trying to fill those gaps.

We are just about three years old but have, we believe, carved a niche for ourselves, particularly for rustic and utilitarian, yet affordable solid wood furniture.


The emphasis is on vintage-inspired living, combined with efficient and professional service. Sustainability is a big influence as we make ample use of recycled or upcycled wood and metal in our products. New furniture designs are introduced monthly, so there’s always something new and different you’ll find here, while adhering to the core elements of clean lines, rustic / industrial finish and affordability.

“We believe in integrity and transparency”

We are totally upfront about our pricing, and don’t employ the usual sales gimmicks of over-pricing and then offering discounts!

In fact, we don’t believe in discounts, and offer great value to clients all year round.

We are true even in the images we showcase of our products – all photos are either taken by us or by our clients or associates; you won’t find us posting photos of products where neither the photo nor the product is ours!

The talent behind the brand

Neither of us has a business / retail / furniture background, and started this purely for the love of these pieces and the desire to share this beauty with others and bring it into their homes.

As a mom of 2 small kids, I was finding it difficult to find the right balance with my stressful and time-consuming job in a financial services company. At the same time, Inder was chafing at the bits to explore his creative and entrepreneurial instincts. So while we started out small and slow, I soon started focusing on the business full-time, while Inder has recently joined in full-time as well. Running this business with an online sales model, with physical presence being only with a warehouse, allows us to manage our time in a way that we feel does justice to the business as well as home and family.

The collection

We sell handcrafted, unique, and affordable home décor (TV tables, consoles, coffee table, bookshelves, mirrors, dining tables, dhurrie rugs and some other bits and bobs) with a mix of antique, industrial and contemporary styles. Everything is made by hand in our small manufacturing unit in the western state of Rajasthan in India.

What we offer is a collection of character furniture – pieces that can make a statement and be talking points without being loud or breaking the bank. We hand-pick our pieces, and are constantly innovating with new designs and styles.

Our industrial range really sets us apart – both in terms of designs as well as pricing! Each of our original antiques is also lovingly sourced by us personally.

Add to that great personalized service that is friendly yet professional and efficient.

Behind the scenes

Business is a challenge everyday. It is a very steep learning curve and we faced challenges with everything from inception to execution. We as a team encourage everyone to give entrepreneurship a shot. All you need is the desire. Having the desire to achieve is way more important than having the ability.


“Having the desire to achieve is way more important than having the ability”

Future plans

We are gearing up to launch our export line for soft furnishings from India which will be shipped globally.

We also intend to open up in UK in the current year. Dubai has given us a very good insight into product perception according to the demographics and we plan to capitalize on the same.