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Product description copywriting

Mar 15, 2018 | Workshop

You’ve done the hard yards, a customer has found your product, taken a shine to your fabulous product photos and has clicked through to your product page, keen to know more. Excellent, but is your product description going to take you that extra step and make the customer click that ‘add to basket’ button?

A quality product description is an essential part of listing your product for sale at saffronsouk.com. And stating the obvious, it does need to be descriptive and include the answers to questions that any customer is sure to have.

Keep in mind that rather than handling your product as they would in a physical shop, customers are relying on your product listing to tell them everything they need to know to make an informed buying decision. Your product photos will show them your product, now you need to tell them about it.

Prepare for a self-critique and put your customer shoes on. What details would you want to know about a product before commiting to a purchase?

10 product description essentials

One. What are you selling? What is the product? Name it.

Two. What makes your product special? Why should a customer buy from you and not someone else who sells something similar?

Three. How is it used? Why would the customer want it? Will it solve a specific problem for them?

Four. How much is it?

Five. How many are included?

Six. What are its dimensions? For clothing, how does it fit?

Seven. What material is it made from?

Eight. Where is it made and how? Is it made locally? Do you make it yourself? Is it workshop made or fairtrade made? Spill the beans.

Nine. What are the options? Does it come in different colours, sizes or finishes? Can be be customised or personalised in some way?

Ten. Is it ready to ship or will there be a lead time that the customer needs to allow for?

Saffron Souk’ tips

Anticipate the questions a customer will have and ensure your product description answers them.

Alleviate a customers doubts and reassure them of their buying decision (your products are the best there is, right?).

Make the product description about the customer, so less Is and mys and more you and yours.

Offer the customer a visual, invite them to envisage your product in their home, as part of an a-mazing outfit paired with their favourite heels or gift wrapped to perfection for their best friend’s wedding gift.

Saffron Souk customers shop for the unique, the hard to find and the best boutique products out there so sell that lifestyle by telling your product story simply, honestly and descriptively.