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May 1, 2018 | Meet

As well as being two of the most likable ladies in town, Sue and Caroline are the talent behing 2birds, a Dubai based fashion brand. This pair have a great attitude, a fabulous sense of style and are truly passionate about what they do.

2bird’s collection is perfect for the Gulf climate. Their clothing is made from light and breathable fabrics, which are hand screenprinted and then stitched by hand to 2bird’s own easy to wear designs. It’s a brand that embodies the art of dressing effortlessly.

It’s no wonder this homegrown brand is one of the most visited and best selling boutiques at the Saffron Souk marketplace.

Meet 2birds

2birds is a modern versatile fashion brand inspired by our Australian lifestyle. All pieces are about effortless dressing.

About 6 1/2 years ago, we were struggling to find summer dresses in cool breathable fabrics that were easy to wear in the gulf climate. We decided to try making and importing dresses in styles we loved and wanted to wear. So began our researching, investigating and trialling.

Having fashionable clothing in breathable natural fibres is our point of difference. Most high street brands may have great styles but often in synthetic fabrics that are too hot to wear in this part of the world.

One of the strengths of our brand is that we appeal to a broad age range of women. We have pieces for teenage girls through to styles that more mature ladies are comfortable to wear. Many of our styles are also great for pregnant and breastfeeding mums too. Its all about styling each dress to suit you!

Sue & Caroline

We are inspired every single day by any number of things. We both have very similar style and are always drawn to the same things. We often find we have taken a screen shot of exactly the same random thing weve seen online throughout the day.

We both started in very different backgrounds – media production and nursing. We have both been involved in retail and homewares buying in the past also. Having kids meant changing direction from time to time. All the little changes we’ve made in our personal career paths have lead us to where we are now.

The collection

We sell handmade hand screenprinted dresses, hand made jewellery, baskets and beach accessories and Turkish towels.

We design most of our dresses and now also design many of the fabrics we use as well. We do all of our manufacturing off shore.

Because we are so passionate about our fabrics and styles we were very particular and hands on in the beginning about the quality of manufacturing- we still are! This took time. We focused a lot of energy toward finding the right mix of people. We now have a great team who we work with.

It’s hard to say what our most popular products are. We try to constantly change and evolve and incorporate customer feedback into any of our new designs. We have some old faithful designs that are always popular and then keep things fresh with regular new designs.

Behind the scenes

We have faced lots of challenges along the way as any business does. Some more frustrating than others but you ultimately overcome them or find a way to work around them. Everyone’s current challenge of course is VAT!

We have taken on board all advice we have received. We were like sponges in the beginning!


“Find a solution to the issue rather than

let it hold you back”

Taking on board everything we read or heard about. We wrote things down and tried to work out what would work for us. Some of it will work for you and your business and some won’t.

If you really want to start a business, you need to address the reasons you think you can’t start a business and get rid of them. Find a solution to the issue rather than let it hold you back.