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Easter Entertaining

Mar 14, 2016 | Inspire

Everybody’s friend, the easter bunny hops in to town in two weeks time and it’s the perfect excuse to gather together your friends and family (not to mention a few chocolate eggs) and celebrate the Spring season.

Saffron Souk is easter entertaining three ways with a little help from our small brands…think florals, fresh colours, seasonal accessories… cue plenty of easter festivities and fun!

Spring is a perfect time for entertaining poolside and picnicing. Whether you hit the park, beach or desert dunes, the set up is the same – come prepared, get comfortable and settle in for a lovely relaxed evening!

1. Saffron Souk’ blue throw   2. Sun umbrella from The Corner Shop   3. Picnic basket from Classic English

 4. Cotton towels from 2birds   5. Giant floor cushions by FLAWD   6. Boho kimono from Iland Co

 7. Natural espadrilles from Phemke   8. Coconut shell servers by Birds & Dandelions   9. Lou Harvey’s beach bag

A formal occasion is never too formal at Saffron Souk. Set the scene with crisp table linen, the freshest of flowers creatively displayed and sparkling stemware… add witty banter for a perfect do!

 1. Neon embroidered napkins by Lofty Linen   2. Crochet coaster by Pretty Simple Gifts   3. Serving platter from Wonkiware

 4. Fresh flowers by House of Flowers   5. Scented candles by Pure Candles   6. RAW’s daffodil bucket bag

 7. VICE’s ripple bracelet   8. Embroidered yellow top by Canava   9. Table runner by Amira Alaoui

Simplicity is key when keeping it casual. Stick to the best ingredients, fuss-free preparation and present it family style. Everyone can relax, including the hostess!

 1. Saffron Souk’ ceramic & wood boards   2. Beeswax candles from Serendipity Home   3. Napkin holder from Harf

4. Informal linen napkins from Saffron Souk   5. Saffron Souk’ screen-printed denim apron   6. Casual chic dresses & accessories from 2birds

7. Hamsa hand earrings from Rocknstyle   8. Iron & wood bench seat & table from The Urban Yogi   9. Quirky bird candle from Scamp

Unless otherwise referenced, images are sources from Pinterest. Want to know what inspires us this easter and throughout the year? Follow us – happy pinning and happy easter from Saffron Souk!