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Why Shop Handmade?

Aug 24, 2015 | Inspire

At we love shopping local, and we love shopping for unique finds. And the reason a lot of the goodies you will find on our online marketplace are one of a kind, is because they are handmade!

So, if you are like us and want to get your hands on many more top quality exclusive items, then start backing those small local brands you all love, and shop handmade.

And just in case you needed some extra excuses for the arrival of all those Saffron Souk orders directly to your door, we have made it nice and easy for you to explain why shopping handmade really is a win-win for everyone…

It might be stating the obvious but by buying from local artisans and merchants you are in turn supporting your local community and economy.

No one can take away that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you buy a product knowing it is helping to support an entrepreneur and grow their start up business and the same can be said for gifting an item that has been made with a lot of love and homegrown talent.

Your gifts are the best in your emirate!

Handmade, small businesses tend to fill a niche that the big ‘mass produced’ companies don’t; they are just that little bit quirkier, cooler and hard to find, meaning you typically have got your hands on a one of a kind product, that will have you being the envy of everyone on your sikka.

Blood, sweat and sometimes tears go into the designing, making and marketing of a handmade item. You have often meet the maker or merchant and at the very least know their story and for that reason your purchase puts a smile on your dial every time you see, gift or use it.

The beauty of handmade is just that, it is handmade! The makers are making because they love their craft and they enjoy getting creative. So chances are if you are on the hunt for something just a little bit different, they will be game for the challenge.

You can contact any Saffron Souk shopkeeper by clicking the ‘message shop’ button to the left of each independent shop front, so get communicating people – it’s the best way to get exactly what you want!

Made by hand doesn’t necessarily mean it is crafty chaos (and that is meant in the very best way!). Artisans and small businesses are passionate about what they do and they value your feedback and your love of their products. More often then not, they will go over and above to make certain that their products are the best they can be and that they give you as much happiness owning them, as it gave them joy making it.

This is typically reflected in the customer service you can expect from a small business as well. If you have a valid concern about a product you have purchased, you get to communicate directly with the person behind the item and chances are you’ll get a prompt response and resolution. What’s not to love about that.

Who doesn’t love to shop? And what’s more exciting then buying from and learning about those interesting, quirky people behind those small homegrown brands we all love?

Saffron Souk features one of their community shopkeeper’s every two weeks on their blog, so keep checking in here to learn more about the people behind your local brands.

Shopping handmade online is the best of both worlds – it wraps up all of these fab features and allows you to shop without the hassle of dodging cars on Sheikh Zayed Road, scouting for a park at the mall or standing on your feet for hours! You can also make the most of gift wrapping and sending the present direct to the lucky recipients door…