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The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – rain or shine!

Aug 20, 2015 | Inspire

They mean what they say! It was raining cats & dogs when Saffron Souk stumbled across the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, located just outside the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco.

 But that didn’t stop up from getting amongst the fruit and vege action. It was a buzz of activity, with splashes of colour, intense smells (good ones!), cooking demonstrations and some great taste testing on offer.

Currently celebrating its post 20th year, we can see why this market is succssful, Not only is its strategically placed right outside a central city transit hub with a strong artisan retail vibe, but its visual impact at the road kerb makes for a striking juxaposition against the San Francisco CBD.

2. – 4. There was a lot of oooooohing as we walked amongst the market stalls. 5. A cooking demonstration underway….


6. Taste testing… yes please! 7. – 11. Such vibrant colours and the smell of the basil (9.) was overpowering (mind due we did seek it out because it was so strong).


12. – 14. No one seemed to mind the rain, and we even stopped complaining about it when faced with these goodies… loving the look of this Bariani Olive Oil and the strawberries from Swanton Berry Farm.


15. Who can turn down a freshly cut bunch of flowers? 16. Or a little honey from Marshalls Farm Natural Honey!

17. & 18. The Ferry Plaza Farmers market!

With the market taking place 3 days a week, it is not hard to miss if you using the ferry service to make your way around the city (something we highly recommend). But make sure you also spare some time for a meal or a quick bite within the Ferry Terminal Building itself. There is such a buzz and so much good food on offer – you can’t leave without purchasing some organic artisan cheese from Cowgirl Creamery – the best we ever had!