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Meet Nitya…

Aug 17, 2015 | Meet

Jubilation. The perfect word to describe the way we feel about Saffron Souk.

Today, our new platform is live and we couldn’t be more excited to share Saffron Souk’ new home with you.

Since the launch of in 2012, there has been a steady stream of changes and updates but this new platform is a culmination of months of work and years of experience and ensures that we’re well prepared to meet the needs of our growing creative community now and moving forward.

What sort of products do you market?
NittyWitty products are unique, fun and inviting products for all kinds. I would say the main products I focus on are accessories for personal use along with home décor. Don’t forget, you are able to customize all the products I offer, which include cushions, cases, coasters, cases, pouches, clothing, art framed prints etc…

2. ‘What?’ Shower Curtain     3. Funky Buddha Cushion     4. ‘What?’ Duvet Cover

When and why did you decide to start your own business?
I started my own business in March 2015 as I have recently graduated from London. After returning back to Dubai, I worked with a few companies and realized I was not able to express my creativity further than what was required. I wanted explore, create and design to offer unique products, which led me to starting my own “Nittywitty” brand where I was able to have my own control and push the boundaries! I wanted no limits, no restrictions and I just wanted to share my work on a personal level.

Providing Graphic design services and products has made me hopeful for what’s in store for the future. On the other hand, Saffron Souk has been such a great platform to have and work with.

 5. A NittyWitty masterpiece in progress. To see the finished product click here

What’s the best thing about setting up your own brand?
Being in control of your work and having no boundaries.  No setback’s and no limitations lead to great explorations which leads to unexpected pieces of work ?

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
Handling everything on my own has been a challenge however it’s been great as it motivates you to reach your goal independently with great satisfaction.

On the other hand, online shopping has never been my “thing” and I believe it has only started to escalate in the Middle East recently, which is something that one has to get used to but the markets and exhibitions I have been a part of have been great!

What do you love about selling online?
I love the fact that you can reach a wide range of customer’s from all over the world. Alongside, it’s user-friendly, convenient and practical.

6. Where the magic happens at NittyWitty – Nitya’s workspace. It looks far to tidy! Nitya you look like one organised creative.

What top tips can you share with other shopkeepers? 
I think photography is KEY! Selling a product online is basically selling a photo, I believe the product has to look as good as the photo as it does in real life.

Every time you list a product, share it immediately and create a personal bond with your customers. When you build relationships, your customer’s get used to you and want to always be informed with WHAT’S NEW or WHAT’S HAPPENING!

Social Media, has taken over, take advantage of it ?

7. The shopfront – how good do Nitya’s product photos look? Excellent top tip!

What sets your products apart?
The quality and constant change of styles. Cater to everyone, not just one ?

Where do you get your inspiration to be creative from?
London! I never wanted to leave… 

Any exciting news to share?
I love Saffron Souk and thank them for giving me the opportunity to sell my products on the platform.

What’s your favourite colour?
Mint green

7. Mint green – a firm favourite in the NittyWitty shopfront and in our Saffron Souk too…

When did you last laugh?
Just now hahaha!!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Don’t stress 24/7!

Do you have any pets?
A dog called Luivi.

Do you collect anything?
Coins 🙂

What is your golden rule?
Never give up, always think positively.

Why do you find the website appealing to shop at?
It offers you literally anything and everything. I love the fact that Saffron Souk has it’s own community and everything the vendors have to offer are so unique and interesting!