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With playtime shifting indoors for the Summer, we’ve been in pursuit of some creative activities to keep the mini members of team Saffron Souk out of trouble. Enter SandArt.

If you’re a fan of the weekend markets in UAE, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the SandArt tent and wondered what all those kids, deep in concentration and armed with squeeze bottles were up to. Well, we’re here to spill the beans and show you exactly what this creative activity is all about. 

As you might have deduced from it’s name, SandArt is the art of making pictures with coloured sand. It’s simple, fun and interactive and don’t say we didn’t warn you… very, very addictive! 



1-4. Let the fun begin – even cracking in to that big box set was exciting! The set came with all the equipment we needed and a handy information sheet. After a quick read of the simple instructions, we were ready to get stuck in



1-4. We got our trays and vibrantly coloured sands set up   5-6. And after much deliberation, settled on a couple of pictures to work on. We used little pick sticks to peel the paper layers away and reveal the sticky layer below. One of the things we love about SandArt is that there’s no glue and no sticky little fingers





1-8. Now sprinkle the sand on to the sticky paper – simple! It’s a bit like colouring by numbers, peeling away the paper layers piece by piece, shaking coloured sand and repeat. You can be as wild and creative as you like with your colour combos and we hear the real experts can mix colours within shapes to create some really unique effects




1-4. The picture comes to life as the shapes are coloured in. This is a very relaxed and interative craft and really one that the whole family can enjoy making together

1-2. So proud of the finished SandArt masterpieces! Unbelievably there’s enough sand left in those squeeze bottles to make an incredible 300 SandArt pictures so bring on that long hot Summer – we’re ready for it!

A huge thank you to Annette from SandArt for generously donating a fun filled SandArt Homepack to the cause. If you’d like to try making SandArt in your Saffron Souk this Summer, order kits from Trust us, it’s not just for the kids, so happy making!