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If you have a tribe of kids at home this Summer, this is a blog post for you. Saffron Souk has been finding crafty ways to keep those house-bound kids out of trouble and do something constructive and creative instead.

You only have to do a quick google to be bombarded with a truck load of children’s arts & crafts ideas but we’ve done the leg work for you. We’ve sifted out our pick of the bunch and here they are…click through the links to find the tutorials or patterns. Now all you have to do is gather your tribe, clear that kitchen table and get making!

Not only are finger puppets fun to make, they make travel-friendly play things and are perfect for story time. They can be made by children of any age and ability and you can use all sorts of materials. Paper is perfect for simple cutouts or raid that ‘useful’ box of yours and get really creative!


1-2. Adorable under the sea themed felt finger puppets   3. Sweet little ginger crochet kitten   4. Paper animals, perfect for pint-sized fingers   5. You could make these animal claws from paper   6. Superheros!


Last month we gave SandArt kits a test run and we’ve been inspired to dabble in sand art of a different form. We’ve all seen those clever fellows in the souks layering up their jars with sand and creating little camels walking the dunes, right? We’re bringing this craft bang up to date and it’s a great one to get this kids involved in, right down to making the sand…

1. We love the local flavour of crafting with sand, but the use of coloured chalks and salt gives these little works of art a fun and contemporary vibe!

Weaving is an art form that’s synonymous with this part of the world and although considerable talent is required to make a persian carpet, nimble little figures are perfect to set to work on some simple weaving projects.




You don’t even need a loom – a circle of cardboard works a treat, as does a hula hoop!   2. Ah, we had an addiction for knitting nancys back in the day! They are so simple to use and are of course fabulous for making snakes. Get your kids creativity flowing – they can fashion bracelets or coil baskets and all sorts of other things out of their wooly chains…and they can even make the knitting nancy itself!   3. Friendship bracelets – you remember how!   4. Simple gods eyes, made from twigs and coloured yarn   5. Use a cardboard loom and add pompoms!   6. Love the idea of weaving storage baskets from recycled plastic shopping bags

Need more ideas? Check out the brilliant art & craft kits and scrapbooking materials available at Saffron Souk.

Happy making!