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Make…a Summertime Feast!

Jul 23, 2015 | Inspire

It might be too hot for outdoor dining on these steamy July nights, but don’t let the heat hold you back from some Summertime fun.

Having a bunch of friends over and sharing a home cooked meal is a wonderful way to enjoy a Summer evening and the making can be almost as much fun as the eating.

Edwina, our foodie friend from Dish & the Spoon has helped on the recipe front and we’ve created a relaxed and delicious Summertime feast menu. Think fresh flavours, local ingredients, a few cheeky shortcuts and a pinch of fun thrown in for good measure!

The best meals at Saffron Souk start with a snappy drink or two, so shake up your best fruity cocktail and let’s get the party started…

We’re keeping the starters course casual and carefree with some store bought essentials… we want to enjoy some quality time at the dining table rather than be busy in the kitchen all evening!

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at cooking something a little different. It’s goat on the menu at Saffron Souk‘ Summertime feast tonight!

Find the recipes for the slow roasted goat and delicious carrot side at Dish and the Spoon.

No feast is complete without dessert and we’re keeping it local. Balaleet is a truly delicious Emirati dish, so take a look how it’s made, Saffron Souk style here.

Now that the catering is under control, all that’s left to do is set your Summertime table…

1. Mushrabiyya etched wooden boards from Saffron Souk’ in-house collection   2. Bespoke embroidered cocktail napkins from The Linen Souk   3. Linen Fatima hand napkin set by Lofty Linen   4. Shenouk’s block-printed table cloth in blue

1. Mosaic table runner from Amira Alaoui   2. Table oil lamp from Bait Al Noukhba   3. 24 piece French cutlery set from The Corner Shop   4. Spotty cup and saucer from Rubabikia

1. Design Tonic’s copper serving bowl   2. Porcelain candle holder set from The Rustic Bead   3. Colourful mushrabiyya tea towels by Saffron Souk   4. Hand-stamped glass charms by Circles in the Sand