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Guy Gifts… treat the man in your Saffron Souk

Aug 13, 2015 | Inspire

Do you struggle to find the perfect gift for the men in your life? Team Saffron Souk have searched your local online marketplace & gathered together our top present picks for the guys of the Gulf.

From sunglasses, to personalised cufflinks and customised dad gifts… we’ve made shopping for the ever difficult man a little easier. And for those of you celebrating Fathers Day soon, don’t forget to get your order in and remember to select the gift wrapping option… it doesn’t get much easier then that!

You can never have enough sunglasses in your life which makes Dubai based Wildwood a must visit shop for the man with everything, and they not only look good but they also have a feel good factor. If you visit their online store here, you will notice that each of their products is named after a particular endangered species. This not only represents the natural look and feel of their collection, but also brings some character and individuality to each of their sunglasses. However, more importantly they tell us, is the awareness they hope to raise about these endangered animals through their products, making these the perfect gift with soul (while still being very manly!).

2. Handmade with a recycled skateboard wood frame, these Wildwood sunglasses are not only eco-friendly but they are bound to add some cool factor to even the most style challenged man in your life!

Just because your guy is office bound, that doesn’t mean he is boring! So why not help him show his true personality with the gift of quirky cufflinks! Saffron Souk store Maarib are a dream to work with and can knock up almost any design you might have in mind so we suggest you get in touch with them with your ideas here…

1. Customised cufflinks with engraving of your choice from Circles in the Sand   2. & 4. Arabic calligraphy customised cufflinks from Maarib   3. Text personalised cufflinks from Maarib   5. Cute vintage style cufflinks from ishmish

Are the guys in your Saffron Souk the sporty, outdoors, BBQ grill type? Yes – then these action man gifts should hit the spot! From masculine ‘made in the UAE’ aprons to beach and golf kit, there’s something to suit most pursuits, and many of them can be personalised so get creative and spread a little love.

1. Man on a bike apron from Saffron Souk’ in-house made in the UAE brand   2. Roundie beach towel from the corner shop   3. Stadium posters of your choice from Dubai based online store Grounded   4. Gorgeous & very handy turkish towel from 2 birds   5. Personalised golf accessories from Circles in the Sand

With fathers day being celebrating in the US, Australia and New Zealand very soon, it’s time to put those orders in for the special man in your life…

1. Hand Stamped Bottle Opener Keychain from Circles in the Sand    2. ‘What?’ Duvet Cover from NittyWitty    3. Retro Cassette Player Shower Curtain from NittyWitty    4. Precious moments vinyl decal to customise your lap top from NittyWitty    5. Precious moments Duvet Cover to customise your lap top from NittyWitty    6. Daddy personalised print from Personalised Prints    7. ‘The Stig’ personalised print from Rebecca Bear Doodle Art   8. Patchwork Tardis Print from Made in the Desert