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There is no easy way around it, summer in the Gulf is just HOT! But to be honest, we don’t mind a little heat, and we certainly don’t mind a bit of an excuse to indulge in some summer style purchases – whether it be for the home, ramadan entertaining, for the family, or of course ourselves (a little treat never hurt anyone did it, especially when it’s something a little different!).

So although you will more than likely find the Saffron Souk ladies comfortably seated in their own Saffron Souk over the warmer months, we are getting summer ready, because to us summer is…..

And if you are anything like us, frustration kicks in if you spot something you love and miss out because you didn’t act fast enough! So if one our our summer picks caught your eye, all you need to do is click on the blue link below to take a closer look, or if you’re stuck in side beating the heat, have a lazy browse of the marketplace here

Happy Summer everyone!

1. 2 birds 2. The Knotty Lace 3. & 4. Aelia

9. Oh Happy Paint 10. Serendipity 11. & 12. Artal

13. Leotin 14. & 15. Maddy & Eva  16. Melime Babybeeshop

11. The Linen Souk 18. The Little Soapery 19. Lou Harvey UAE 20 Les Bobos Chics

21. Melanie Gissing Design 22. Niketa Designs 23. Stefanos Designed Jewels