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The Saffron Souk ladies rarely need an excuse to visit the Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF).  Located in the Heart of Sharjah, it’s an inspiring little spot that throws a lovely new surprise at you on every visit. So when we heard about the #Sharjah1000 exhibition opening, we popped it in the diary straight away.

#Sharjah1000 is a community outreach initiative conceived and organised by Sharjah resident Reem Saeed, which challenged social media users to post photographs of Sharjah on Instagram over the period of one month. The walls of Building H at SAF Art Spaces were plastered with images representing what Sharjah meant to the seventy participants that took part in what we would almost consider a social experiment.

We loved being introduced to this collaborative community art project. It’s an interesting way for the public, as well as local authorities to start to think about what makes a community tick and what it’s inhabitants consider are significant to them; the only thing is, it leaves us pondering why each participant chose the subject/s they did. We would love for there to be a follow up open forum chat where there could be some discussion about this – the trouble is, it could get quite opinionated, but that’s how we like it, and at least it wouldn’t be boring!

2. – 5. The Sharjah Art Foundation Art Spaces – you can’t keep a Saffron Souk lady (or two) away…

6. & 7. This exhibition, featuring seventy participants, runs for a period of two months at SAF. The perfect summer afternoon escape…

8. – 26. Some of our favourite snaps. Some we loved because they reminded us of Sharjah and some we loved just because of the subject matter (or they reminded us of things from our own past – got to love that phone!)

17, & 18. We have to say that the UAE’s abundance of these old colourful doors are a firm favourite at 

19. The mass of the images means we will be making a return trip to have round 2 of our Sharjah snap investigation.

20. – 22. Not only were we treated to a much welcome community outreach initative in #Sharjah1000 but we got to enjoy some of Ghaf Kitchens goodies – the iced tea was the business! 

23. And no visit to SAF is complete without a sneaky play in the Community Urban Garden – those lights get us every time…

In the spirit of the project we took all these snaps on our iphone, and it shows – please forgive us masters of social media (especially instagram!). We love what you do, but we are certainly never going to be in your league!