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With many of us celebrating Father’s Day this weekend or next, Saffron Souk thought it was high time we got a little crafty again.

Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy a little Dad time and get his hands dirty too, so we’ve fished out 3 delightful Summer friendly, nautically themed projects that are guaranteed to float Dad’s boat…

1. The water bottle boat, made from recycled materials…fun and environmentally friendly to boot!

2. Gather together a square of cardboard, 2 plastic water bottles (it’s hot, so drink the water), a pair of wooden chop sticks, some coloured duct tape, string and scraps of fabric

3. Cover the cardboard with duct tape, for decoration and waterproofing and poke one of the chop sticks through the centre as a mast   4. Secure the water bottles for floats   5. And now, for the tricky bit – make a boom out of the second chop stick, get out a needle and thread and stitch a triangle of fabric on to the chop sticks

6. Now you’re ready to launch…success, it floats!

Thanks to Nalles House for the fun water bottle boat project and gorgeous photos. For the full tutorial, click here.

1. If your Dad is a table-top kind of sailor, here’s the project for him…all you need is a few potatos, some coloured paint and sheets of paper along with a willingness to get a bit messy!

2. Flash back to childhood here…grab a few large potatoes and cut them in half. One half will make your boat’s hull and you can cut the other piece in half again to make triangular sail shapes. Time to let your creativity loose and carve some stripes and spots to decorate your potato pieces   3. It’s plain sailing from here so let the real fun begin, grab your paint and stamp away

Thanks to SassyDealz for the cute idea and photos.

1. Here’s a simple and effective way to make a little sailing boat and covering snack time all at once!

2. Grab a wooden skewer, a triangle of paper and some wax…very cunningly, you can use the red wax that baby cheeses come packaged in   3. Warm the wax up in your hands and mould it in to a little dish shape for your boat’s hull. Thread the sail on to the skewer mast and stick it on to the wax hull

4. Float your boat and set sail!

Thanks to Housing a Forest for this crafty wax boat idea and lovely photos.

Unless otherwise referenced, all images appearing in this post were sourced from our greatest love and consumer of time, Pinterest. To see what inspires us, follow Saffron Souk on Pinterest, here.

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Happy making and Happy Father’s Day!