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The Saffron Souk ladies are currently living in a haze of WOOOORK. That’s right, it’s all go around here! And while we can’t wait to spill the beans on what we have been working on, we thought we would take some time out first to dream about all the delicious pampering treats from the Saffron Souk market that we are going to spoil ourselves with in a couple of weeks… and first up is a long hot bath.

1. No bath is complete without a candle with a heavenly scent and Pure Candles not only smell divine but they look rather good as well! 2. Mood alchemy soap-on-a-rope from Mommy Patch come in three different fragrances – take your pick from French lavender, olive dream and dark vanilla. Bliss. 3. It’s all in the detail so we won’t be bathing without a pretty turkish towel from 2birds 4. and the finishing touch… made in the UAE bath salts from Roots n Petals – we’ll take the relaxation set thanks!

The market is packed with handmade soaps & other bath treats – we are spoilt for choice.  5. – 7. The fabulously named soaps from The Little Soapery always make us smile 8. If you haven’t given it a try, this camel milk soap makes your skin melt 9. The handmade soaps from Dubai based roots n petals smell out of this world 10. & 13. Mommy Patch is quite new to the Saffron Souk market and they stock some gorgeously packed soaps and massage bars 11. This chamomile soap from Yara Naturals is bound to have us back to our old selves in no time… 12. Cocobliss know what we want – honey, oat and coconut milk soap to mend our sensitive skin.

A bath works wonders, but all those late nights (and early mornings!) are playing havoc with our skin, and in lieu of beauty sleep we need some miracle lotions and potions… 

14. Shirley Conlon Organics are an AMAZING local UAE brand of natural skincare – this fountain of youth skin cream & rosehip oil blend is the perfect combination to get our skin back on track! 15. Shea butter is the ultimate body moisturiser – this Bliss Shea Body butter is paraben free, chemical free and involves no animal testing 16. 3 fruits youth generating face cream from Izil Natural Argan Beauty – we won’t argue with that! 17. NightingOils brings us a ‘made in the UAE’ range of bespoke aromatherapy products – with oil blends to provide muscle relief, soothing and detoxifying it is high on our hit list for a post work melt down fix-it!

18. Lavender Rescue Balm from Mommy Patch – great for fixing those dry patches of skin (like naughty little hands that have been typing away on the computer for hours on end!) 19. Mommy Patch’s shea butter comes in dark vanilla and olive dream – divine 20. White Clay Face mask form Shirley Conlon Organics – made with chamomile flowers and papaya extract this is ideal for mature skin 😉  21. This Neroli & Rose Facial Spritz instantly refreshes & hydrates – oh la la, we need some of this please! 22. ‘Allens Blend’ a unique blend of organic essential oils for muscle relief from NightingOils – the Saffron Souk ladies will be bathing in the stuff…

And once we have the beauty routine back on track, we’ll be relaxing and getting our bedrooms in tip top dreamy condition…

23. Some of this gorgeous made in UAE cushions from Serendipity Home are perfect for getting cosy with a book, especially with this (24.) Kate&Kate throw from The Corner Shop keeping us snug 25. There is nothing better then a wall of quirky art work – we adore the graphics for sale at Biha Designs and this Marhaba Foil art print is a bargain at AED 48 26. These linen sprays (‘pillow talk’) from NightingOils are just the ticket for a sweet smelling room, bed linen or body! 27. And finally to remind us that life at 200% percent is fine (if not fun…) we think we need to purchase this Live + Laugh + Love wall plaque from the lovely Kuki ladies!

28. More cushions from Serendipity home 29. & 30. These art prints from Biha Designs just can’t help but make you smile! 31. We’ll be awarding ourselves a wall trophy from  Les Bobos Chics (although we didn’t need an excuse, it’s been on our hit list for weeks!) 32. Another cosy blanket from our fav The Corner Shop

So now we have finished dreaming about all the pampering we will be indulging in soon – we will get back to actually doing the work to make sure we meet the deadline (it’s a cruel, cruel world!). Nothing’s stopping you from treating yourself through – or perhaps even a surprise treat for a well deserving friend! After all there is nothing more rewarding then the gift of giving – especially when its unexpected, and its sourced from those local makers and merchants at saffronsouk.com that we all love….