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Everyone loves to indulge in the odd chocolate egg or two, but this year, Saffron Souk is focusing on the main man…the easter bunny himself!

With Easter just a week away, and all those gorgeous fresh easter finds popping up in the market place (we are in love with the crochet bunnies at NiniPoosh!) it’s time to get your Saffron Souk looking the part. So hop along and join us on an inspirational trip down the rabbit hole as we go crazy with easter bunny inspired decorations, gifts and sweet treats…

1. These bunny cards have twitching ears!   2. Felt bunny place holders. Make them in any colour of the rainbow to match in with your easter table setting  3. So clever but oh so simple, recycle your used jars with an easter makeover

1. These cute cushions have a built in pocket for the easter bunny to stash the chocolate goodies   2. The sweetest easter bonnet ever… 3. If you’re a Miffy fan, then these goodie bags are for you

1. For a modern take on your easter decorations, these bunny heads have been handmade from paper   2. Simple wooden bunnies   3. Get your gold pens out and take to some plastic rabbit toys to great effect!

1. Remember how to make pompoms? This is a great framed artwork for the season or perhaps a gift card   2. Or try your hand at creating a table runner with the sweetest little tails   3. Maybe give decoupage a go

1. We suspect some master baking skills are required to re-create this impressive loaf cake   2. Chocolate covered and cream filled biscuits sound good enough to eat!   3. Get the kids and their sticky fingers involved in putting the decorations on these rabbit faces

1. Sweet little sock bunnies to decorate any corner of your home. We love the bell tail!   2. Stamped burlap bunting   3. A bunny with enormous ears   4. Witty wall decals…ask our friends at Decal Ideas to make you something similar

1. Pop a bunny face on an off-the-shelf crepe paper ball – such fun!   2. Or pop some ears on your kids – even more fun!   3. Felt bunny easter bags to be filled with eggs, or anything else of course! 

1. We can’t begin to image how this bunny got inside an egg, but completely love the idea!   2. Chocolate bunny shaped cookies with a cotton candy tail – tasty!   3. Cupcakes are oh so versatile and just made for decorating – and this bunny cupcake works a treat

1. This sweet little bunny wouldn’t last long at Saffron Souk – it’s marshmallow which we have a major soft spot for!   2. We’re loving the little pink tail on these sandwich cookies   3. The colours of these iced biscuits are right up Saffron Souk’ street

1. Individual chocolate cakes topped with a bunny cut out   2. Made with an egg-shaped cookie cutter, these iced bunnies look so effective   3. And here’s a snack for the healthy little bunnies out there…

Happy easter from Saffron Souk!