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Are you like Team Saffron Souk, and often forget to explore all that cultural craziness right on your street front? This fabulous little activity book for the young & old at heart, features the under appreciated areas of the city of Dubai through quirky hand drawings by Khalid Mezaina.

Khalid’s drawings are delightfully playful and although simple they capture the character and heart of those often forgotten communities that really are the heart and soul of this sprawling city.

Saffron Souk first met the artist behind this little treasure at Capsule Arts during #Quozhappens and we were thrilled to finally put a name to the face of an artist we had come to admire! We first viewed Khalid’s work at the Capsule Arts launch in the summer of 2013 and (of course!) had to purchase one of his Karama prints (see pic 13. below). We now appear to be stalking the poor guy, having seen him at The Market of Everything and attended one of his amazing Zine Workshops at The Magazine Shop (sorry Khalid but we can not promise this is the last you have seen of us either).

As you can see, his drawings are inspiring and make you want to pick up a camera, or a sketch pad and zoom down to Karama, Satwa, Bur Dubai or Deira for a creative road trip… do it, its time you got out and about and explored your neighbourhood…


2. – 4. Recognise that view and these Satwa villas? It makes us want to do a Graffiti spotting trip…

5. Community is key in Satwa – fingers crossed it does live on! We love how it is a mixed cross section of people living in Satwa and lets face it, what would we do without Ravi’s and those textile and haberdashery shops?!

6. – 9. Karama – we haven’t visited in years! We have to say we have some cracking shop names stored in our memories from many moons ago…


10. – 12. How often do you cross the creek to the other side? We are struggling to remember but whats not to love about the trade that goes on and I am sure pic No. 10. is a familiar sight for many of you.

13. We love this print by Khalid Mezaina – check out more of his work to buy at Capsule Arts.