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We say it with a tongue firmly in cheek and a bit of a chuckle but it’s true, the Saffron Souk crew have been dabbling in some DIY on the bath & beauty front in a bid to feel more beautiful, even if it is only on the inside!

All good ‘me’ time at Saffron Souk generally starts with a bit of creativity so here we go – we’ve been trying our hand at making some bath salts. Many simple and wholesome soaks and rubs can be made right at home, often with things you have lurking at the back of your bathroom cabinet. We were surprised to discover how wonderfully simple it is to make your own bath salts so we couldn’t resist letting you in on the recipe…

1. The basic mix couldn’t be simpler – mix one part baking powder with two parts Epsom salts. You don’t have to be too precise with your measurements, but give them a good shake in a bottle to combine really well

1. Step 2 is to add some essential oils, herbs or spices to suit your mood – these are just a few suggestions, but if you’re after a relax try lavender oil, zesty lemon for a pick-me-up or for something a little different, ground ginger. Your options are almost limitless so let your creativity loose and concoct the perfect brew!

No time to make your own and like the sounds of a little more time to indulge yourself? There’s some super all natural bath and beauty products to buy, so set that day spa scene in your Saffron Souk with some delicious finds from the Saffron Souk market

1. For a true hammam vibe, grab a few 100% cotton turkish towels and an essential luxury soy wax candle or two in the most scrumptious scents. You can never have enough of a good thing and luxury handmade soaps are a must. Try handmade bath salts or massage truffles, ready to enjoy. There’s the best Moroccan spa products and organic skin care products, made right here in the UAE.

Whether you pop a few of the gorgeous readymade goodies from the Saffron Souk market in that virtual shopping basket of yours or give the DIY baths salts a go, treat yourself. We can’t guarantee they’ll make you more beautiful but we’re certain you’ll have fun!