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This recent bout of balmy days has reminded the Saffron Souk crew that Summer is sneaking up on us and the countdown to air-conditioned days is on. It’s motivated us to make the most of these gorgeous Spring days (and nights!) and so we’re throwing open the doors to our Saffron Souk and heading outdoors before summer comes and blows our socks off!

To help you on your way to the garden, here’s our take on enjoying the great outdoors, Saffron Souk style…

Spring nuptials (or any other special occasion for that matter!)…

1. What a pretty walk down the aisle this would be!   2. Monogrammed linen hemstitch napkins to personalise your table   3. The table is set for a celebration feast! We’re loving those lanterns and bright floral display that shouts Spring!   4-7. Lighting is essential for creating the perfect mood long after the sun has set. Think fairy lights, candles, lanterns or a combination of the lot!

1. Charming! Some essential details…a ring pillow   2. And a pillow to keep you comfortable (and put a smile on your face at the same time!)   3. These tea cups would make a quirky talking point   4. A pretty and informal way to deal with the flatware   5. A cutlery and napkin pouch is a clever way to keep things organised when you’re outdoors   6. A floral burst for your napkin rings   7. Shimmery coasters with a pretty butterfly detail…   8. Or embroidered coasters, perhaps?   9. What a gorgeous place setting, fit for a bride   10. And to plan the perfect outdoor do, write a list – this personalised notepad is the ideal party planning companion!

The humble picnic…

1. Set the perfect scene for your al fresco feast with some simple but incredibly effective paper decorations   2. Turkish towels are so versatile and can be used for all sorts of things…they make an ideal picnic rug or cloth   3. Set up on the beach, shaded by a simple tented canopy…   4. Throw in a pile of colourful cushions…   5. And some beautiful hand-printed table cloths to lay out your spread or to provide some shade


Now, you’ll have to get all your kit to your picnic locations so here are a few gorgeous bags to choose from…take this embroidered straw bag   2. Or perhaps these Lou Harvey coolers, available in family or handy lunch box sizes   3. Or roomy beach bag. Your only problem is deciding which of the gorgeous prints to go for!   4. Saffron Souk is loving the Moroccan poufs used in this perfect picnic setting   5. A dhurrie makes a clever alternative to a traditional picnic rug   6. As does Omasi’s twin towel, made for 2!   7-8. And accessorise…glasses, plates, platters and pretty napkins are all important to create that ideal outdoor setting   9-10. Even if you’re picnicking in public, hanging some colourful paper balls or quirky umbrellas can transform your picnic from nice to absolutely fabulous!

Play dates & garden fun…

The all essential cubby, in a tent, a box or a tree!   4-5. Where children are concerned, vibrant colours are a must, so plant a riot of seasonals and decorate – bunting is a super way to add a bright pop


1-4. Get crafty…lets face it, some crafty chaos is just better suited to the great outdoors, where a hose down makes for a quick tidy up! You can never go wrong with a cardboard box and poster paints or a blackboard – blackboard paint can be applied just about anywhere!   5. A sandpit is fail safe and we’re loving this set up   6. The ultimate play structure   7. Phew, a portable water bottle sounds like the ticket!

Enjoy the Spring season from Saffron Souk!