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We had heard rumors that pop-up beach cafe clusters had appeared on the Jumeirah beach as part of the Dubai Food Festival in March, and don’t you just love it when the Dubai grapevine turns out to be spot on and not a game of chinese whispers…

Although we only visited this lovely little hangout at Sunset Beach – it turns out there were three temporary destinations, featuring sixteen restaurants in total, all open for a duration of 10 days.

Saffron Souk worked up an appetite attempting to (badly) play a game of beach volleyball before getting stuck into a caffeine packed, locally brewed, RAW coffee. It was the perfect mid morning break. We were bouncing around with Saffron Souk ideas all afternoon, but the fact the beach canteens are not a seasonal fixture has been playing on our minds ever since.

Come on… powers that be. We would love an outdoor coffee venue with a view all winter long. It is just the ticket to clear a crazy creative mind.

2. The volleyball court in front of the Sunset Beach Canteen – we haven’t had that many giggles in a long time


3. – 5. We loved the simplicity of the storage containers and the timber decking – and the added bonus of the blow up animals giving the space a local touch.



6. – 10. RAW coffee; it is one of the things we live for. Local, organic and delicious. The people are also rather nice as well as being award winning baristas!

11. What shall we have?

12. The best view in town…

13. Beach Canteen  – maybe you want to think about sticking around for longer next session? We are backing you all the way; the perfect outdoor office to get the creative ideas going…