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You might be surprised to hear it but we think that the Sharjah Art Foundation crowd are a rather amazing bunch. Together with volunteers from the public we witnessed them research, design and build a gorgeous community garden. It was a real treat going along to their park opening and market day in the Heart of Sharjah.

Coming from a design and construction background, the Saffron Souk ladies were impressed to see a call for public involvement in shaping a public space. In fact it was the first time we had ever heard of this happening in the UAE. So 10 points to the Sharjah Art Foundation – you are superstars in the eyes of team Saffron Souk.

2. This scarecrow was too lovely (sorry but he didn’t scare us!) 3. There was no stopping the kids from making use of this new neighbourhood hangout.


4. We understand this guy was repurposed from another project – he looked right at home 5. – 7. This is a working garden and you can even purchase a plant or make a plant donation if you wish.

8. On his way for a bit of a stumble…

9. These lights are just magical.


10. – 13. Some good looking (and we have to say good tasting) local vege on offer at the market

14. This sign was a hit with us "fresh organic vegetables very cheap" and all for a good cause. This family had gathered vegetables from their own garden with all profits being donated to the local animal shelter. Nice work people!


15. – 18. Getting creative in the courtyard…

19. The market winding up…

Be sure to visit the urban garden if you are in the area (Bait Al Hamdan Bin Mousa). And keep an eye on the Saffron Souk calendar for future events held by The Sharjah Art Foundation. They have some great creative classes, workshops and events and they are all free. What’s not to love about that.