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Come on party people we want to see some dance moves! It might be Day 5 of our week long birthday celebrations, but there is no need to be a party pooper – you are making the winning too easy, so spread the giveaway word and enter now to WIN… 

If you missed Saffron Souk’ birthday bash game yesterday, click here to see what was going on. But remember to come back because the party games continue and wow have we got a great prize lined up for you today from Your Little Collection.

So, every day from 1st – 7th November, the music will play from 8am until midnight and every day the blog will feature a different giveaway of something special from one of the independently run boutiques on saffronsouk.com.

All you need to do to be in with the chance to win today’s game (an amazing giveaway from your little collection) is the following:

             Sign up as a Saffron Souk member (if you aren’t already!) by clicking here

             Do one or all of the following (you can enter as many times as you like):

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post below and tell us your favourite song that you want us to play ‘pass the parcel’ to during tomorrows game.
  2. Follow us on twitter and tweet this blog story with the hash tag #littlemajlisBD5
  3. Follow us on instagram and repost our ‘Day Five birthday’ banner that you can find here, with the hash tag #littlemajlisBD5
  4. Follow us on facebook and share from our facebook page our ‘Day Five birthday’ post that you can find pinned to the top of our facebook page.

And remember the music stops at midnight every evening, and a new game will begin the next day! We’ll announce the daily winner in the following days birthday blog post, so be sure to pop back and see if luck was on your side, as well as join in the new game…

The winner of the Day 4 giveaway was Cynthia Baz Empsall, who’s favourite me&riley party invitation was the yellow and white stripe marine theme that you can find here. Congratulations Cynthia! Please email us at [email protected] with your contact details and we’ll make arrangements for you to receive the invitations of your choice from me&riley at saffronsouk.com!

It’s day 5 of our birthday bash, and we’re taking the party outside. We have a gorgeous and very handy little pouch from Your Little Collection up for grabs that is perfect for storing all your treasures while you are at a beach or boat party.

This ‘…on the yacht‘ pouch number also fits our November theme of ‘Presents, Parties & Palm Trees’ perfectly, and we happen to think that you will look just as good as Little Majed with it under your arm! So make sure you enter the games. The daily entry numbers have been low so far, so you have a good chance to take it home and you know what they say – you have to be in it to win it, right? 

Who doesn’t love a bag? And part of being party ready is about being organised (something we have learnt a bit about at Saffron Souk HQ this past week!).

So this range of pretty and practical bags and pouches from Your Little Collection not only make the perfect gift, but they also also help the party queen (or king) keep in check when it comes to being efficient in the run up to any celebration.  And that is exactly why these essentials from Your Little Collection’s webshop at Saffron Souk are firmly at the top of our gift wish list!  
These are just a few of the things that caught our eye in the Your Little Collection boutique, how can you resist going shopping? 

1. So glamour – well why not, we’re worth it!  2. Our dusty looking I-pads are screaming ‘we want this cover!’ (and it’s currently discounted so everyone is happy). 3. Anyone’s laundry can look a million dirhams with this sack 4. This fabric bucket is divine – perfect for storing kids toys. 

All the best with today’s party game and remember to check back in tomorrow to see who won, as well as join in Day 6 of our week long celebration.

Right, dust off the sand and hands up who’s up for a dance off? Seriously, we’ll only offer once….