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It’s the last day of our Birthday week celebrations! All you party people can pop your twinkle toes up for a rest at midnight tonight. But before you do, we suggest you play one more game (we have made it worth your while)… 

If you missed Saffron Souk’ birthday bash yesterday, click here to see what was going on. But remember to come back because WOOHOOOO today you have the chance to win a stunning framed Dubai Skyline Cut-Out from B & D Art worth AED 400, that has been hand selected as our final giveaway from the Saffron Souk online market…

So, every day from 1st – 7th November, the music will play from 8am until midnight and every day the blog will feature a different giveaway of something special from one of the independently run boutiques on saffronsouk.com.

As today is the last day, we thought we would say a BIG thank you by getting Stevie to perform a round of ‘Happy Birthday’ to you all while you play in today’s games. So, okay, we realise this is actually the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations, but in our virtual world our party was even bigger.

Pop the party hat on and open your lungs…. Happy birthday to you……

So now the music is playing, all you need to do to be in with the chance to win today’s game (an amazing giveaway from B & D Art) is the following:

             Sign up as a Saffron Souk member (if you aren’t already!) by clicking here

             Do one or all of the following (you can enter as many times as you like):

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post below and tell us what your favourite birthday present ever received was.
  2. Follow us on twitter and tweet this blog story with the hash tag #littlemajlisBD7
  3. Follow us on instagram and repost our ‘Day Seven birthday’ banner that you can find here, with the hash tag #littlemajlisBD7
  4. Follow us on facebook and share from our facebook page our ‘Day Seven birthday’ post that you can find pinned to the top of our facebook page.

And remember the music stops at midnight tonight and that’s it, the party games are over! We’ll announce the winner of todays fabulous giveaway from B & D Art on the blog tomorrow, so be sure to pop back and see if luck was on your side…

The winner of the Day 6 giveaway is Alex Sweeney, who correctly answered the name of the book she has won (‘Friendship is about Dubai‘ from Okelani’s World). Congratulations Alex – we hope you enjoy it! Please email us at [email protected] with your postal details and we’ll pop the delightful book in the post in the next day or two!

It’s day 7 of our birthday bash, and we have a striking framed Dubai Skyline Cut Out from B & D Arts architectural range up for grabs. We love this one, but they have so many gorgeous designs to choose from and they are open to you even suggesting things you would like to see them make! Take a look at their collection, on saffronsouk.com by clicking here

We often get stumped when looking for gifts for special occasions. Whether its a birthday milestone, the birth of a newborn, a wedding gift or a leaving town present – it’s tricky! But fortunately for us, B & D Art seem to have it covered. 

B & D Art’s mounted cut out shapes, many inspired by animals of the UAE, are a fabulous unique gift for young and old. And the best bit is you can select from a variety of patterns and shapes putting that extra bit of thought and a personal touch to your customised gift! You can even choose your country’s flag as the background cut out, to make it really personal.

B & D Art also have a really gorgeous collection of watercolour prints that are perfect for a child or a new baby. You can choose from a print of the whole alphabet, or a bespoke name. With all prints finished on a high quality watercolour paper and beautifully framed. Their online boutique at Saffron Souk is a real life saver, so be sure to click through and take a peek here… 

These are just a few of the things that caught our eye on B & B Art’s webshop, how can you resist? 

1. The popular London Skyline with the London tube map as a backing pattern. 2. We took a shining to this Oryx design with a cool retro Marmite pattern 3. Tea party shapes – who can resist a cupcake or 6? 

All the best with today’s party game and remember to check back in tomorrow to see who won.

Right, we’ve off to try and rustle up a few people to help get this party chaos under control…