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If you’re a creative type and love sewing, knitting, drawing, cooking or anything artistic and crafty for that matter, it’s more than likely that it was your mum who taught you how.

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day on 10 March or 12 May this year, it’s time to get making. Nothing melts a mum’s heart like a handmade gift, especially when it’s made for her by one of her children.

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite gift ideas of the season to get you inspired to make it for your mum this Mother’s Day. There’s something for kids of all ages!

1. Take a photo and make a silhouette chalkboard. What mother wouldn’t love it! Take a look at the tutorial here   2. Everyone loves a lavender bag. Click here and try your hand at these!   3. Tiny polaroid magnets made with photos of you – smile and find the how-to here   4. Just about every mum could do with just a little more sleep, so try this one on for size here

1. A lovely home-made body scrub. Click here for the how-to   2. Wheatgrass soaps – so pretty! Find the tutorial here   3. Make your mum even more kissable with this delightful lip-balm recipe

1. One for the littlies…made with fabric paint, crayons or markers, these tote bags are sure to be a mum pleaser! Find out how to make yours here   2. Or perhaps customise a journal or notebook with a bit of painting

1-6. Every mum deserves a home cooked treat on Mother’s Day. Make a meal of it, and create a delicious table setting for a special lunch for your mum. We’re loving the cheery Spring vibe of these table settings from the one and only Martha Stewart