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Going stir crazy having been boxed up in the gulf heat over the summer? Craving a green scene? If you are looking for the holiday of a life time, Limpopo-Lipadi, a private Game & Wilderness reserve located on the banks of the Limpopo River in Botswana could be just the answer!

Days consist of early morning safari drives and lazy afternoons reading books or perhaps brushing up on your wilderness skills. With limited phone and internet connection, it really challenges you to relax. And entertainment is never far away, whether it is harmless creepy crawlies invading your space, trailing elephant tracks in the hope of a siting or a chat with the hilarious (but charming) staff.   

Limpop-Lipadi have recently opened up River Camp to paying guests, providing the opportunity to explore the african bush in a completely unique way. River camp consists of luxury private 2 or 3 bedroom safari lodges that are stunning but really make you aware of where you are!

Saffron Souk have been lucky enough to visit several times and are itching to return to this little African Oasis….

2. – 4. River Camp under construction

5. – 11. The completed River Camp.

12. The outdoor shower – it takes a few days to get over the creepy crawlies! 13. – 16. The camp is fully kitted out in furniture, accessories and african art all sourced locally, that complement the bush setting.

17. – 24. The incredible landscape and varied wildlife – every morning and evening can be spent on safari and it is out of this world!

25. One of the amazing guides. 26. – 27. More wildlife!

28. Every evening there is a sunset more spectacular than the previous……

mmm… now we really want to jump on a plane. Want to join us? Click here and we’ll see you there…..