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When we said it, we meant it… have you got your party hat on and your twinkle toes ready to join in the celebrations? (if you haven’t, click here to get with the program and then come back and join us)…

It’s Saffron Souk’ FIRST BIRTHDAY and starting from today we will be having a week long party! And no parties complete without a few games right? And not just any old game, we’re bringing back old school… yes, that’s right, that old favourite pass the parcel!

So, every day from 1st – 7th November, the music will play from 8am until midnight and every day the blog will feature a different giveaway of something special from one of the independently run boutiques on saffronsouk.com.

All you need to do to be in with the chance to win todays game (and the great prize from Hayet Zerelli Designs) is the following:

             Sign up as a Saffron Souk member (if you aren’t already!) by clicking here

             Do one or all of the following (you can enter as many times as you like):

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post below and tell us your all time favourite party game (keep it clean people we are a family show!)
  2. Follow us on twitter and tweet this blog story with the hash tag #littlemajlisBD1
  3. Follow us on instagram and repost our ‘Day One birthday’ banner that you can find here, with the hash tag #littlemajlisBD1
  4. Follow us on facebook and share from our facebook page our ‘Day One birthday’ post that you can find pinned to the top of our facebook page.

And remember the music stops at midnight every evening, and a new game will begin the next day! We’ll announce the daily winner in the following days birthday blog post, so be sure to pop back and see if luck was on your side, as well as join in the new game…

It’s day 1 of our birthday bash, and we have a fabulous fouta from Hayet Zerelli Designs up for grabs. Check out Hayet’s full range on Saffron Souk by clicking here

Since it’s our birthday, we thought we’d live a little and we’ve taken a peek at the Hayet Zerelli Designs boutique for some birthday present inspiration. Hayet is a Dubai based Jewellery designer. Her Saffron Souk boutique is full of tempting fashion accessories and homewear that reflects her North African heritage.

Although we can honestly say we would happily accept anything from her webshop, a few of our favourite gifts would have to include the following…

Silver plated cuff bangle 2. Fatima Hand Stone Bracelet  3. Fatima Hand mirror (small size – although it also comes in large) 4. Copper gold plated, handmade hammered hoop earrings – what a statement!

Good Luck with today’s party game and remember to check back in tomorrow to see who won, as well as join in Day 2 of our week long celebration.

Now what music shall we play?