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One of our favourite things about a toasty day is that you don’t need an excuse to eat an ice cream…not that we need a reason at Saffron Souk!

Whether you call them ice blocks, ice lollies or popsicles, put it on a stick and they’re guaranteed to put a smile of your dial! As there’s nothing like an icy treat to take the edge off the mid day heat, we’ve collected some of our favourites together to inspire you to get making (or at least, eating!) your own. Trust us, they taste as good as they look…

1. We love the 2-toned look of these Summer melon ices   2. Try raspberry semifreddo popsicles if you’re after a creamy fix  3. How pretty are these flowery popsicles

1. A winning flavour combination – pomegranate and lime   2. Be virtuous and try this spa pop, in cucumber and lemon   3. Watermelon ice pops, with a lime ice cream base. Gorgeous!

1. What shouts Summer more than a mango!   2. How about trying something a little unusual, like this lavender cream and strawberry number…   3. Or give this green tea, basil and lemon one a go

1. We love the little messages on the sticks of these blackberry icecream pops. Simple and effective!   2. Fancy a little local flavour, perhaps. We like the sound of this date shake popsicle   3. How lovely are the colours of these frozen yogurt pops? Pick your flavour, any flavour, and get making!

Enjoy…and beware the head freeze!