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Aside from scoffing too many chocolate eggs this Easter, we’re trying our hands at a little egg-themed crafting here at Saffron Souk. We’ve hunted around the chicken coup and gathered up some of our favourite projects of the season. Enjoy!

1. This sprinkle covered egg decoration is a quick and easy one, but is so effective   2. Or use up some wool scraps and try your hand at these knitted easter eggs…try stripes or perhaps decorate using duplicate stitch

1. Raid your remnant stash and whip up a few of these pretty patchwork eggs. They look great hung on mass on a twiggy branch, for example   2. So simple and such fun! The possibilities for designs on these thumbprint eggs are endless   3. These decoupage eggs can be personalized with any design you fancy 

1. Step the colours up a little with these fun dip dyed eggs   2. How pretty are these eggs dyed in shades of pink?   3. Keep it natural…make tea stained eggs or use coffee or a spice like tumeric to get the colour you’re after

1. Use stickers and dye to make these silhouette eggs   2. How simple! These lovely eggs have been decorated using a white paint pen

1. Now you’ll need something to carry your eggs. This simple felt easter basket is just what you need   2. We love this clever string basket, formed over a balloon!   3. Or perhaps this fun egg hunt bag is more your style?

1. This little paper nest would make a pretty addition to your easter table setting

A big easter thank you to Purl Bee, Spoonful and the other blogs we love for sparing your inspirational photos and tutorials.