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Did you see the fun benches scattered around Al Quoz, Dubai over the weekend? Saffron Souk did and we loved them, especially because we had been lucky enough to witness these objects come to life the previous week… 

Leading up to the arts festival QUOZ happens, people of all ages were invited to pass by thejamjar and participate in the community event  ‘Bench Mark‘. Family and friends and the start crowd were busy painting up a storm when Saffron Souk called in to thejamjar on the afternoon of 14 November to check out the action.

Caravan (a design driven collective) designed the practical polystyrene benches that were the perfect shape to showcase some vibrant community art, and my goodness did these benches see some action during the course of QUOZ happens. Each bench was placed near various art spaces around Al Quoz and they quickly became little nodes of activity bringing people together to chat, have a bite to eat and get creative.

Take a peek at the lifecycle of a Quoz bench in the series of snaps below…



2. – 10.
The community Bench art taking shape at thejamjar

11. Too much fun! If you missed this event keep an eye on the activities at thejamjar here because they have an amazing range of events that are bound to tickle your fancy!


12. – 20. Some gorgeous characters taking part in ‘Bench Mark’. Thanks for chatting with us – we hope you managed to get down to QUOZ happens to see the public reaping the rewards of your hard work and fun!

21. – 23. There were lots of canvases getting some love as well…

The benches serving their purpose during the QUOZ happens festival. 24. One of the benches at thejamjar during the Quoz happens festival 25. & 26. Many of the benches were used to define the chalk boards scattered around Al Serkal Avenue for the public to engage with – an idea Saffron Souk thought was rather special! 

27. Steffi Bow having a well deserved bench break from installing her graffiti at Al Serkal Avenue as part of QUOZ happens